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Friday, October 12, 2007

So remind me again...

How do you dress when it is 60 degrees outside??? This morning, for the first time since, well, I don't know when, it was in the low 60's outside. My kids reacted by putting on their parkas. Really. I have pictures:
Scott. Note the bare feet :-). Secretly, I think he just enjoyed having a reason to where the winter coat we bought him in NC last year.

Okay, no parka for Mimi, but note the long sleeves/long pants and HAT on her head. She was TOTALLY serious about feeling the need to be dressed like this.

TJ, my cold weather loving child. No wussy winter gear for him!

Sari, who I think just loved the chance to wear her coat too. Note the one glove/Michael Jackson look. That's because last night darling TJ "accidentally" slammed her pinky in his bedroom door. It is twice it's normal size today and there was no way a glove was going on that hand. (I'm sure it was an accident. They delight in chasing each other around the house and then running in their bedrooms and slamming the door in the face of their pursuer. We've talked over and over about how someone could get hurt like that but sometimes it actually has to happen before it sinks in. Don't think it will happen again though, as he's not fond of the ROC (the rod of correction), so I am hoping that "game" has finally come to an end.)

It's funny, because today was a day just like summer is when we go to upstate NY, and the kids totally LOVE that weather, but I suppose after months of the heat index being at or over 100, a 40 degree drop to 60 does feel down right chilly.

Still I had to share the pics, and give you a laugh at their expense. Take extra notice that Scott and Sari have the whole parka-on-top, shorts/diaper on the bottom look going on, which just makes the whole thing even funnier to me :-).
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Tiffany said...

Great pictures! I was actually cold this morning, even had to get up and go find a blanket. It was great!

Leisa said...

Did I miss the big freeze? By the time I went outside Saturday it was nice but by no means cold? But in FL we will take what we can get, so bring on the winter clothes..