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Monday, October 1, 2007

Oh, Let's gooooooooo

Fly a kite!!!! The kids had fun while Scott was in piano. We get so few windy days here in FL, but we always have a kite in the car, and today, that paid off for them. Scott is loving his new piano teacher, and it's so nice to have a place for the kids to wait besides in the hot hot car in the teacher's driveway. Here, they can roam a bit and the time seems to pass much quicker.

Type some stuff!!! I have so many things to blog, but I'm almost up to my 100 things blog and have nowhere near 100 things on my list, so I feel like I have to economize right now!

Sing my husband's praises!!! I love my husband 'cause he loves to watch chick flicks with me. In the past few days, we've watched Georgia Rule and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I love that while I definitely hold the record for tears shed in any 2 hour time frame, he sometimes gets a little misty eyed too.

Rant and Rave!!! We went to my mom's on Sunday night to celebrate TJ and Mimi's birthdays with family since my in-laws are here just for a few days. They had already sent TJ's gift, some legos that he loves, but had bought Mimi some new sneakers and we needed to be sure they fit pretty soon. TJ had gotten a soccer ball and brought it to my mom's and the kids were kicking it around in the backyard before we did cake and presents. Mimi was doing this with FLIP-FLOPS on her feet, and when I commented on that, my m-i-l said, "Oh, well, better flip-flops than her mess up her new shoes." Oi vey! Yes, it's definitely better to have her potentially break a TOE than mess up her brand new sneakers. I mean, everyone knows sneakers are for show and you don't actually DO anything in them. Especially not run, play, or kick a ball. And especially not if you are a child. And we all know how terribly messy shoes can get in a dry, established-but-new St. Augustine yard with not a speck of dirt showing. Give me a BREAK. Am I meant to keep her from ever wearing them? I definitely will NOT be washing them every night after she goes to bed, so I guess my m-i-l is in for some disappointment.

Have some cake!!!! TJ helped to decorate the "cake"...He was very proud, can you tell?

Read a book!!! The kids LOVE to have Gram read them books. Here are Sari and Bam-Bam with my mom.
I'm blessed that my kids love their grandparents, and their grandparents love them. I'm blessed that God shows me something new to love about my husband all the time-even after 15 years. I'm thrilled Scott likes his new piano teacher and we are blessed that God's timing was so perfect in that as we waited on the Lord.
until tomorrow,
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Clunn Family said...

Hilarious about the sneaks.

JessnBekahsmom said...

SOO glad you are all feeling better! Was that a brownie under all of that? There is a really old Pampered Chef recipe for a brownie pizza like that with the brownie on the bottom, either a cream cheese mixture or chocolate pudding next, cover that with bananas and sprinkles and cool whip on top. Looks yum! Excellent birthday cake! Hope it was all he wanted it to be!

The weather for kite-flying looks fantastic! Very cool!

Let 'em use the sneakers. The more dirt and grass stains, the better!

Tiffany said...

I love that you keep a kite in your car. Is that on purpose or did it get left in there? You just never know when you might need a kite!

oneblessedmamma said...

I sold Pampered Chef for years, so yes, it's a corruption of their recipe, but we actually frosted it instead of the cream cheese, and covered in in candy instead of fruit. I LOVE the brownie pizza though, and will make it any chance I get.

Tif- Yep, it is there on purpose. I also usually have a ball of some sort, a frisbee, a blanket, and even a sand pail (although usually it serves as an emergency barf bucket since I don't take very many spur of the moment trips to the beach, LOL). I had forgotten about the kite, but Mimi saw it and off they went.