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Friday, October 5, 2007

Budding artists

Art lessons have begun again! Mimi's teacher is AMAZING. The results she can get out of these kids just blows me away. As a homeschooler, the question of how to spend your money is always at the forefront of your decision making, but how can you NOT appreciate anything that yields results like this:

Sari, never to be outdone, loves to "cah-ee" (color) everytime we sit down to do schoolwork or anyone is doing anything artsy, and this is what she produced the other night at church. She calls these her "ABC's".
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Clunn Family said...

Really Amy, BOTH are amazing!!!

Lady G~ said...

Wow looks like you've got some artists in your hands. What a blessing that you homeschool, art is no longer taught in public schools. It's a dying art... pun intended ,but sadly.

JessnBekahsmom said...

What amazing artists you have! I could never draw stick people right and my sister could draw anything! I was always jealous of her talent, but she never uses it anymore.

The eyes on that tiger are just incredible. And the other looks like Spaghetti-O's! Very nice!