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Monday, October 15, 2007

Overheard while shopping...

Okay, so I am doing this with Sari on my lap, and there is running commentary coming from her, mostly concerning the pictures on my blog that she can't see right now because I am typing the new entry, and I can't see the keyboard, but I'll see what I can do.
First, let me say never send me to do an errand.
The kids were making me BONKERS tonight, and we had movies that needed to go back to the store, so I pleaded with my husband to PLEASE let me take them back. He caved, and off I went. Well, the movie store is near Dunkin Doughnuts, and we needed the kids to really do a great job picking up tonight as baby R will be with us tomorrow, and so I said I'd bring back a doughnut for the kid who cleaned the best. So now I was up to 2 stops (movie store, Dunkin Doughnuts).
THEN, as I get closer, I realize I really should go to Publix, which is right across the street from the other two since I needed lunch we could eat at Precept and cereal for the morning. (3 stops now).
BUT,at the other end of the plaza with Publix is Bealls, and I NEEDED a pair of new black shoes. We wear black for UIP, and last season my one shoe got caught on something and literally ripped, so I had to buy new ones. Those new ones are fine for regular wearing, but NOT for standing in for over and hour straight in one place. They REALLY BOTHER the toe that I have broken twice. So I needed new, new shoes, which just happened to be on sale at Bealls this week, and here I was without the kids in tow, so I'd better stop now, right?
Oh, and I also needed a certain item goes under a woman's shirt in the aforementioned black color since my beige ones were showing under my black tops.
So now my 20 minute trip to take the movies back has turned into an hour and a half shopping extravaganza.
But hey, it gave me a blog topic :-).
So at Bealls, I went in the dressing room to try some things on. There were three rooms, and the first two were occupied by a mother and her young teen daughter. As I was trying on my stuff I hear the mother say to the daughter that she needs her to do something. The daughter replies with a very haughty "WHAT?". Then the mother repeats herself, and the daughter again replies in a sassy hassled voice, "What????" By now, it's all I can do not to say something about not talking to her mother in that tone of voice, but then if the mother isn't correcting it, it really isn't my place to do it either. So now the mother says, "I need you to come here" and the daughter goes. The mother says, "I need you to get this in another size. " and maybe she says what that size is, but I missed it.
The daughter, for all her inappropriate vocal response DOES go get the clothes, and brings them back to her mom. The mother goes in to try it on, and then I hear, "(name), this is a LARGE. I asked for a SMALL." with rather the same tone the daughter had just had with her. The daughter says, "Oh my G__, I'm so sorry" about what I think really was a genuine mistake. Then the mother says, "You freaking can come out of the dressing room because I won't be buying you anything." And it goes on from there...The whole scene just breaks my heart. The Bible is SO clear on what our roles are as parents and as children. CHILDREN- Honor you mother and is so important it is a commandment. AND, obey your parents in the LORD for this is right. BUT ALSO, parents- Train up a child in the way they should go...not tell them once, or stop at a certain age, but TRAIN them in the way they should behave. Also, in your anger do not sin. And especially, Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger.
It's all about the heart, and both of these ladies were focused on themselves and not on how to die to themselves. The result was truly grievous and embarrassing to witness/overhear. Even worse, the mom left her dressing room at the same time I did, and was totally gracious and apologized, NOT for what I had just overheard, but for almost bumping into me. Why is it so easy for us to be kind to total strangers, but so hard to deal kindly with those closest to us?

We all have those bad days. Heck, I was having one today...that's why I left to return the movies in the first place. But I was one of those children whose parents said things like that mom said, and I can tell you it is devastating when those that are meant to love you most in this world cut you to the quick. Thank GOD that His grace is sufficient, and that HE is the perfect parent even when we fall short. Please pray for this mother and daughter. They need it.

I have one big blessing for tonight: My friend Marie's husband is finally home from the hospital after a 13 day stay. God has really acted in his life, and it is wonderful to see. He really very nearly died, and yet God still has work for him to do, and we are thrilled to see him doing so much better. It will still be a long road to full recovery, but he's alive, and he's home under his own roof tonight, and 13 days ago, no one could have been sure either of those things would ever be true again.
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