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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October 20th

TJ's soccer game got rained out, which was very disappointing, but my husband made up for it by picking up doughnuts for breakfast which delighted the kids.

The older two and I had to run out the door early in the morning for 4-H's Share the Fun (a 4-H talent competition held for each county). Mimi was doing a "participation" number with some friends. Participation means you don't fit any one age group, so you can't "win", but you do get a certificate and ribbon. She got up that morning, and determined that she was NOT going to do it, so I had to "threaten" her into it. (Not the best parenting style, I know, but I KNEW she would be fine up there with her friends...and besides, if I really DID get rid of all her toys, would that honestly be such a BAD thing?) She ended up doing great, as did all her group. They did the "sign language" to a song they learned at VBS this summer. It is really more one or two signs per phrase, but it is pretty visually, so it worked well.

Scott competed in piano again. We had to sign in by 10 a.m., but he did not compete until close to 1. It was a long wait, but he and Mimi did great other than the fact that it was very chilly in that room, so Mimi spent most of her time curled up in my lap (NOT to the comfort of my tailbone). Scott did a great job playing his pieces-better than he has done at home. It is a hard thing, because a pianist competes against singers, and signers, and dancers, and comedians, and whatever other talent kids want to do. Last year, one girl even showed soccer moves. I have empathy for the judges. The kids get judged on skill but also on "sharing the fun", which was hard for Scott since the piano was situated in the room so that his BACK was to the judges and audience. He still turned to make eye contact between songs, and bowed politely when he was done, etc., but that is the one drawback to piano as your skill if you are trying to look like you are having fun but your back is to the audience.

He ended up coming in 2nd place for his age, and will again go to district competition against kids from 7 counties in the spring (he came in 3rd there last year). He was very excited, and so was I, but honestly, I'm really just pleased that he did the best he could. That he overcame the obstacles enough to place for districts was like icing on the cake. And personally, I think he should have won, but what mother wouldn't say that? I had someone else say that too, so that's nice, but I know ALL the kids work hard to be there, and I am also happy for the girls who won.

We finished off the day with a fall festival at a local church. We have gone to this for YEARS, and the kids LOVE it. It's such a nice church, and we are totally comfortable there, so the kids just go have fun, and we get to chat with our friends. The biggest highlight of the night came in that Sari got to ride a "see-saw" (her word for horse) thanks to our friend S who graciously allowed Sari to take her place as it was the last ride of the night. Sari talked about that see-saw ALL NIGHT. I ride See-saw. See-Saw was big. I like see-saw. get the idea. S will never know what a gift it was for her to let Sari ride.
Hay ride with friends! Sari blends in with her light clothes and her blond hair.

TJ with a funny face ;-)

The BEST thing about much they enjoy each other! Sari LOVES her brothers, and they love her right back.

Sari and Mimi with bouncy house fun.
Here is the "see-saw". Mimi rode too. They LOVED it.
Did I mention there was candy...or that my little lollipop scamp managed to get TWO of them into her mouth without me knowing?
A good day from beginning to end :-). Oh, and Happy Birthday to my cousin MMS.
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