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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The best laid plans...

of mice and men are just that, the plans of MEN, not of God. Let me tell you how Tuesday normally looks verses what it looked like today.
Normally, we get up and out of the house by 8:40 to get to Precept. We are there until 11:30 every other week, and until at least 1 on the alternating weeks that we also have 4-H after Precept. This week, being a "fifth" Tuesday would have not had 4-H, so it would have been an early day. Then sometimes we go meet some friends at a park near the Precept church. Then we head home for about 1 1/2 hours before we head back to the exact same town and almost the same place for Mimi's art lesson, which again because it is a "fifth" Tuesday was cancelled. During art, the other kids and I hang out at a friend's and then we go home, I drop them off, and as soon as Eric gets home I am out the door again for sign language class and UIP.
Today, Mimi woke up not feeling well. Now, she tends to be a bit of a hypochondriac, but she really said she did not feel well enough to go to Precept, and so we all stayed home. What a beautiful thing to just REST and be home. TJ did 3 reading lessons, and we finally finished Paddle-to-the-Sea, which was a really good book if anyone is interested, but also is deceptively long. Scott practised piano too, and I was able to roast a butternut squash for soup. Wow, I was feeling productive ;-).
So productive in fact that I decided to go to the park to meet our friends since Mimi had started feeling much better and since one friend had some very happy news that I wanted to chat about. We stayed for about an hour as the sky was opening up with rain and so we all took our leave at the same time. We ironically saw the children of 2 other families of homeschool friends there although only one mother was there as the other one was at the hospital with a friend of hers who was pregnant and having bleeding (the baby is fine as it turns out).
On my way home, I reached for my phone to make a call and noticed a missed call from my husband. I called him back to find out my mother was in the Emergency Room of the local hospital, although he had no other details. I called my sister, who was headed up there to see my mom, and she had just reached my mom and was able to tell me that mom had chest pain and almost fainted and had some muscle weakness, and they were waiting to see the doctor. I decided to go home with the kids and wait to hear the report from the doctor rather than try to find places for the kids to go just to sit up there in a curtained off area of the ER.
My sister called back about 45 minutes later to say they were admitting mom and my husband was on his way home so he could stay with the kids and I could help my sister go get my mom's car from her work. I got to see my mom, who looked fine, but possibly had a TIA (mini-stroke). She was feeling better though. I also found out that our old dog, who belongs to my mom now, went missing. We all thought she got out of the HOUSE, but it turns out that my step-dad was taking her to the vet and did not have a leash on her, and when he opened the car door, she escaped and took off running. He could not get her to come back. He also told me this had happened at 10 AM this was now after 3. YIKES! Oh, and the vet is on a busy road, just minutes from a really busy state highway. There was a really good chance the dog was no more at this point, but I felt like I had to try.
So I called Animal Control, but they hadn't picked her up. Then I left the hospital to go look for her. I remembered that she has a "chip" implanted with her information, but that is so old that it says WE are the owners and at our old address, etc. So my first stop was to go by my old house and leave a business card with my number in case the police or pound tried to bring her there. Then I went by the vets who did not have her, although they did tell me she had been sited up and down this busy connector street. I left my card there too, and proceeded to start calling out her name as I drove. Wouldn't you know I found her almost immediately. And wouldn't you know she turned, saw me, BARKED at me, and then took off running the other direction. YOU have GOT to be kidding me!!! I followed her up and down that street, all around my friend Marie's church, into a nearby neighborhood, etc. for almost an hour. Every time I would get close, she would take off. I finally went to a near by convenience store and bought some cereal (at $6 a BOX) and opened it up to throw it at her and see if I could lure her to me with food. This WHOLE time I was praying to God that she would a)not get hit and b) come to her senses and stop running from me. Well either God's timing finally matched mine, or the cereal worked, or both, but she finally turned, came to the car, didn't run as I opened the door, and then hopped inside. I'm not sure who was happier, her or me!
So I brought her home, borrowed a leash from one neighbor and dog food from another and tied her up outside with some food and water until my sister could come get her (she has a dog and a fenced yard and only 1 child, so it was easier for her to deal with the dog and getting her where she needed to go.
In the end, I missed sign class, but made it to UIP with mere moments to spare.
As I type this, my mom is still at the hospital, but still in the ER as they have no room for her on the floor she should go to-just craziness! I'd go see her, but she turns into a pumpkin after 9 PM, so I imagine she's sleeping anyway, but I'll update you in the morning.
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Clunn Family said...

Wow. I am always exhausted when after reading your posts. :0)
Keep us updated about your Mom, she is in this family's prayers.

Tiffany said...

You are such a good dog sister--I don't think I could have chased after a dog. I'm impressed! I'm sure the dog is happy to be home!