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Friday, October 5, 2007

Catching up from a week ago...

This is what happens when your precious little girl goes down to othe stream with her brothers, LOL. She fell in the "water" which was really more muck than anything else. Note her socks...they were white before she fell in. Thankfully, we had a change of clothes in the car (there's God in the details for you-we had NO reason to have a change of clothes in the car, but I listened to the little voice as I got her dressed that morning that said, "take and extra outfit" and that obedience paid off). Thankfully, Marie had a damp towel in the car from her kids' swimming at camp, so we got her cleaned up pretty quick, which was no small feat with that icky smelly mud!
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Tiffany said...

Did you get her socks clean? Too bad she couldn't look for Scott's croc while she was in there!

JessnBekahsmom said...

My goodness! I don't think I would have been as calm! But yes, a change of clothes is a wonderful thing!