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Friday, October 26, 2007

The week in review-Part one

I am SURE I will forget something, but since I have fallen so behind in blogging, I figured I should just let you get a glimpse of WHY I never seem to get anything done:

Sunday: husband needed to be there early to start a new recording system (which failed miserably since one of the components did not work). I learned at church that one of the scheduled nursery workers could not be there, so I (in a moment of insanity) volunteered to help as I have just recently completed Philippians as a Precept study, so I figured if ever there was a time to miss a message it was now. I thought I was volunteering for the babies...I ended up helping with the toddlers...all 13 of them. There was another mom in there too, and a dad came to help for a lot of the time, but it was busy busy busy. NOT my calling, but fun for a rare day now and then. Then we went to the always healthy SONIC for lunch since lunch options at our house were non-existent. After a nap to attempt to make up for my sleep deprived state, I headed off for a therapeutic treatment and then home just to walk back out the door to go to Walmart to get food stuff for Monday and Tuesday obligations, then home to draw up allergy shots and off to my mom's with Scott to have her give us the shots. Got home around 8:30-just in time to tuck in the kiddos.

Monday: Made mac and cheese first thing and then off to an all day sewing fest at Ann's. I say "all day", but I actually had to leave to take the kids to PE at 12:45 and then take Scott and S to piano from 3:10-4:30, back by my house around 4:50 to get the boys' stuff for scouts (they were saying the pledge of allegiance at a city meeting and needed to be in full uniform), and back to Ann's where I stayed WAY later than I had intended. I did get a little sewing done though, LOL. Oh, and when I finally got home and wanted to crawl into bed, I realized I needed to make food for the morning and so I was up until almost midnight cooking.

Tuesday: Precept in the morning. I had to bring snack for the ladies. I finished making the food in the morning before we left, and planned on arriving around 8:45 at the church. Well, that didn't happen-it was more like 9. I also had JT since his dad was having more testing done that morning. JT and Scott had failed miserably at lacing Sari's shoes in the car, so when we got there, I had to unlace and re-lace them. I set my keys in her car seat while I did that, then got her shoes tied, grabbed her diaper bag, my precept bag, and Sari, and planned to come back for the food. I closed the car door, and went to put my stuff down in my class before taking Sari to hers. Oops...where are my keys? Oh, yeah, in her seat. In the CAR. Which is LOCKED. Have you ever felt sick-to-your-stomach about something? Well, this was one of those moments. Called my husband. He was an hour away. Called Allstate (our AAA alternative). Spent 16 minutes navigating their phone tree (it: state the name of the city, me: "happyville", it: you said, "sadville", if this is correct say one, if this is not correct say get the idea.) I finally got a person, explained my situation, and explained that in less than an hour, 100 ladies were going to be looking for the food that was currently safely locked up in my car, so the sooner they could help the better. The company that came out was GREAT, and was very prompt, but I missed most of the class that morning. I did however get my keys and the food, so there's a reason to rejoice (and I only lock my keys in the car about once every 15 years, so it's not like that is a regular thing for me). After Precept, I went by Aunt Fanny's to take her my Godson's car seat, which she would need in about 30 minutes to get him from preschool. Then home for 2 1/2 hours for lunch and a brief rest before we went back out the door to take Mimi to art and the rest of us to Aunt Fanny's for our weekly 45 minutes of fellowship. Then to the park for the rest of the time until art class ended at 5. Luckily my friends are in the same boat, so we keep each other company while we wait. Oh, and we had good news that Ann is expecting again :-).
After art, we headed home, I ate anything I could get my hands on and then ran out the door again by 5:50 for my sign language class followed directly by UIP and home around 9:30.
Are you tired yet? I am, and it's only TUESDAY, but I have to take a break and blog the rest tomorrow. Somehow, sharing what my days looks like helps me realize the things that don't get done are not purposefully skipped in laziness but just fall by the wayside to make room for the other things I do. Not sure if that's good or bad, but there it is...
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5Gustos said...

So sorry to hear about your locked-up keys story! Didn't we just briefly discuss this at the park yest.? I had no idea you had just done it. At least your little one wasn't locked in too, just the food. Then it would have been traumatic on top of it all. And you're right, I am tired just reading about your 2 days! Something else--I have so much fun trying to figure out the mystery of everybody's names. : )