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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Facebook revisited

So I've revised my appraisal of Facebook. While I have reconnected with a few high school friends, and that has been fun, it wasn't earth shattering.


I had forgotten about the Mouse. Well, I hadn't actually forgotten about it, but I had figured with WDW being the largest single site employer in the USA that reconnecting with anyone would be of the epic needle-in-a-haystack proportions.

But I tried one name. A local musician whose name is in the paper from time to time and was a friend through thick and thin. And apparently, lots of other folks we worked with thought the same thing, because through him, I found a ton of others. There's even a group of people on a page specifically devoted to the attraction I worked at. I know it sounds corny, but these people are like family. We worked together daily for years. We've been through everything. 3 people we worked with have died, and everyone knows the value of life. What's funny is that most have moved on to something beyond the Mouse, but across the board, we all reflect on that as the best job we ever had. You'd have to have been there, I suppose.
It has been a blast to reconnect with them and to reminisce with them. Most of them were much closer with each other than I ever was, since I was married and lived an hour away, so I didn't engage in after work hanging out, but we still spent so many hours a day together that it doesn't really matter.
Speaking of my old job...did you know I used to work with one of the Backstreet Boys? Yep. Kevin Richardson was one of us before he became one of THEM. And if you have little kids and have ever seen Gina D's Kids Club, well, Gina worked with us too. It was a unique group, LOL.
Anyway, just thought I'd explain for the benefit of all you on Facebook who were wondering who all those folks are. And those of you wondering why I hadn't blogged in a few days :-).
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