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Sunday, September 28, 2008


So I had 3 moles removed about a month ago. I think almost everyone I know has had some removed. My mom has had many, many removed, some cancerous, some not. Marie has had at least one removed every time she sees the dermatologist. Jennie just had one done around the same time I did.


So they all recover and look normal after about a week or so.


I seriously look like someone burned me with a cigarette in each spot that a mole was removed. And two of them are on my face. I had someone ask me about them the other day. And this is a month later.

Worse, two were voluntary. They just were those types of moles that stick up off your skin and grow bigger (and hairier) every year. Only one of those was on my face...the other facial one really was a potentially problematic mole (although the Dr.'s office hasn't called, so I assume I'm okay). I had the two projectile ones removed because we have insurance, and our deductible is met, and they DO get bigger all the time, and I have no desire to resemble a witch on Halloween (or at any other time), even without the benefit of stage make-up. They were an experiment because I do heal weird. My scars tend to go into overdrive and I can end up with a scar WAY bigger than the original injury. Or, it goes internally overboard, and the scar tissue adheres to the muscle and tendon around it.

So far, that hasn't really happened, although I think the one on my shoulder went a little internally haywire. But the bright RED 1/2 inch round scars in each location are, well, not very attractive. It's good I'm not vain. But the fact that others are noticing them and asking about them makes me question whether I should resume wearing make-up as a cover-up. But then I remember I'm fundamentally lazy, and I resolve myself to just looking hideous.

So why am I writing all this? I don't know. I'm a little bummed about voluntarily disfiguring myself, but I am sure eventually it will heal. And now I know I will just live with the other raised moles on my face because thy are way less noticeable than the bright red circles are.

I guess I am just jealous of all you out there who heal nicely and made it look like no big deal :-).

But these little spots are nothing compared to what many people have to live with, and I know that, so I'm letting it go now, because really I am...
one blessed mamma.
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Anonymous said...

try some melrose oil on them. Melrose is helpful in tissure regeneration.

the other amy :>)

oneblessedmamma said...

Yep...been using it. I'm just destined to have every boo-boo be noticeable for life, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I was just at Dr. Greenwald's last week. I was so thankful, that I did not have to have anything removed and that nothing looked funny. I have always been a bit concerned since I have a ton of moles, lived in Florida almost my entire life, was a beach baby and teen, and then my grandfather died of melanoma.
I am sorry that yours are still noticeable.