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Monday, September 29, 2008

Memory Lane

I'm not always a meme follower, but I liked this one at Crispy's blog, so I'm joining in :-).

15 years ago: We had been married for a year, and closed in April on our first house. We actually chose our lot in a new subdivision and picked our house and got to pick everything about it-carpet, flooring, etc. We even made changes to the layout. It was very exciting. I graduated that May with a degree in Social Science Education and a minor in History. I had surgery on my right wrist for a Ganglion cyst caused by a work related injury. My husband was commuting about 40 minutes to work at a computer store, and I was working at Disney. I did not want to teach in the public schools (after getting threatened by a student with a knife) so I spent the summer applying for private school jobs, and having no luck, spent the fall subbing at the public schools around my Disney schedule. I sang with Sweet Adelines in a choir of about 80 women. I was on the front row, and we sang and danced, LOL.

10 years ago: I was the mother of an incredibly easy 15 month old, and it was probably right about this time that we began pursuing using Clomid to have another child. My husband was working for himself, and I was a mostly stay at home mom, but still worked part time at Disney facilitating adult seminars. My sister worked for my husband, and as part of her "job" she would watch Scott on the days that I worked. We were still living in our first house and I was still singing and dancing with Sweet Adelines.

5 years ago: Wow! Five years ago, I was the mother of 3. I had finally left Disney 2 years earlier, and was beginning my homeschooling adventure (although we really consider ourselves as having homeschooled since birth). Scott was 6, Mimi 4, and TJ 2. We were probably still doing speech for Mimi for her stuttering, and TJ had a therapist coming to the house for his speech problems. We had moved into the house we live in now. My husband was transitioning from owning his own company to working for one of his first clients...running an accessory jewelry company-a job which he began in earnest in Jan 2004. He was also pursuing going to seminary and so we found our plans to have another child delayed as we waited on the Lord. He was youth pastor at the Episcopal church we went to and on the vestry, and I sang in the choir and rang handbells. I was also singing with United in Praise.

3 years ago: Three years ago, we added Sari to our family. My husband was working for the pool table company the first time around, LOL. Scott was 8, and he was receiving in home therapy for Sensory Integration Disorder. Finally we had a name to go with all the weird behaviors! Mimi was 6, TJ was 4. All the kids were there when Sari was born (at home) and they were all great with her. TJ was going to speech-he tended to leave the endings off words. I was still singing with UIP, and stepped on to the board right around then.

One year ago: One year ago, I watched our friends walk through the hardest trial they had ever gone through, and they've been through a lot of weird stuff. Marie's husband almost died, and I think we were all reminded how precious and fragile life is, and how totally in control God is.
As for my family, we were now w family of 6, with Scott being 10, Mimi 8, Ty 6, and Sari 2 1/2. My husband was back to working for himself, and I was homeschooling 3 kids and entertaining a toddler at the same time. We were using My Father's World Exploring Countries and Cultures, and we still are, since we didn't finish. We had changed churches to CCOTL, which is exactly where God has called us to be. I still sang with UIP, but had stepped off the board. I had been doing Precept for about 2 years.

Today: Mondays are the days we put the nose to the grindstone and be sure the kids have their Precept work done. Also, Scott's piano lessons are on Monday, so we tend to spend a lot of time practicing that. Tj worked on some worksheets. Riley was awful today, and I called my husband to tell him I was about 5 seconds from taking him to the pound (he purposefully dumped his water all over the floor and once I got it cleaned up he peed on the floor, and then once I got that cleaned up he peed again). Mittens continues to hang around and is the best cat you could even dream of owning. Kiwi's daughter came over for a while today, and she tagged along to piano. Most excitedly, TJ is spending his first night in his new room tonight. It's not done, but it's done enough for him to sleep in, and he's thrilled. So are the other kids, and it looks like one big sleepover in there.
Oh, and economically the country is going downhill fast, and our bank folded today. But hey, it's only money, and I hear living in caves is the next big thing. Honestly, none of this is's not like the USA is mentioned in end time Biblical prophecy.

Tomorrow: We have Precept. Because I did the leader training this past week-end, I am a little behind on my homework, and I'll have to finish the last day's work in the morning. The kids are done with theirs though. We will also go to the park after class, and it will be nice to see our friends. I have UIP tomorrow night, and I'm going early to meet with someone who wants to sign a song with me. I'm not worried about the bank thing...God has always provided for us, and the Bible is clear that we are not to be anxious.

Hope you had fun reading this...I had fun trying to remember.
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Julie said...

Tears in my eyes.

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crispy said...

Thanks for playing.

Melissa said...

Loved this - thanks! Think I'll have to get in on this one too.

Lisa said...

loved this too!

brite00eyes said...

Cool! I just stopped by as a TOS crewmate to peruse the blog, but you have been busy! Best of luck and thanks for sharing :)

Looking forward to getting to know you better over the coming year.

Pitts Family said...

I wanted to stop by and say hello to another fellow TOS crew member.. Looking forward to working with you this year! I think I might post this on my blog if you don't mind :) it's a great way to remember the past and look forward to the future!