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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We've been adopted by...

A stray cat. This is the second night he's come around...probably because I fed him last night, LOL. Last night when I was taking Riley out, suddenly this cat was on the carport. We have a ton of strays in the area, but this one is not from around here. He seemed desperate as Riley's presence startled him and he ran off, but NOT away. He just went to a safe distance and watched. So after I took Riley back in, the cat ran up again and meowed over and over. I went in to get some food (Did I mention there are a lot of strays around here? We keep food around for just this reason.) and he was still there when I came out. He kept a healthy distance from me, but when I put the food down, I as able to sit near him as he ate, and after about 15 minutes (He was starving.) I was able to pet him as he ate. Poor thing is all skin and bones. He was gone in the morning, but came back tonight so we fed him again. This time 3 of the kids got to see him. They are calling him Mittens :-).

Here's Sari with him...hummmm, probably should have her dressed more before I post her pics on the World Wide Web, LOL. As you can see, he is a sweet heart. Very friendly, but a tad skittish still.

My red-eye correction apparently only works on humans, so I am sorry for the kind of freaky picture. He doesn't have red eyes at all, but light blue ones that are extremely camera flash reactive :-). Obviously Mittens has been in an altercation with something, but he seems no worse for wear. I think he's part Siamese based on his facial shape, his coloring, his blue eyes, and his vocal nature (he "talks" a lot). My kids would love to keep him, but he'd be an outdoor pet if we did. I wouldn't mind, but I'm not married to the idea either. Is anyone interested in giving him a good home should he come back tomorrow? Ann? I know you were looking for a Siamese-ish cat before :-). I also know you have two kittens now too. This one is past the kitten stage, but is either a small cat or still not quite full grown. Let me know!
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Tree Climbing Mom said...

Might want to print that last picture in black and white if you want to unload the cat:)

crispy said...

That one red eye is a bit odd. Though it seems to look like a nice kitty. But we better say no. =( I am not even going to let my girls see this post, they would push for a kitty.

chewhi said...

he does look part siamese