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Monday, September 1, 2008

More Extreme Makeover

My brainy tree climbing friend updated her blog and, intrigued, I followed the link to the designer. She has all these amazing blog designs FOR FREE! So I had to pick one of course. What do you think?
It was NOT easy to of those "good to be married to the computer guy" moments, but now it's done, and I really like it. I want to change it ultimately, but this works for now. Thanks Brainy friend for the inspiration!

Also under makeover is Mimi's room...or maybe I should say TJ's room. See with the water that came in from TS Fay, the carpet was stinky and moldy, and mold is a high allergy trigger in this family, so we decided to rip out the carpet. Since we don't know what we are doing with the flooring throughout the house, we have decided just to stain the concrete. Oh, and we also decided to switch the kids who occupy that room.
See, since Scott got his own room, TJ has had the biggest room all to himself, so now, he will move into the girls' smaller room, and they will move into his room. But for that to happen, and for the carpet to come out, all the room had to be emptied...and the stuff from the old office/Scott's new room still has not found a home, so we are literally living in a complete mess, with the contents of 2 rooms lining every other wall in the house. It's crazy! But we should be done with the room switch this coming week-end I hope, and then we will start decorating the girls' new room. It's all more than I can get my head around, but since we decided to re-fi and stay here, we need to make everything as livable as possible. Obviously, doing the basement would help with that, but I can't even go there until the upstairs is better off.

Sorry the blog has been quiet lately, but we've just been busy moving stuff around.

Maybe that's why the new blog lay-out thrills me heavy lifting, LOL.

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Tree Climbing Mom said...

Love the new look. I SO needed PB to make my changes for me, too.

chewhi said...

things look great... giving me a hankering for change too! maybe soon...

don't you love when things get changing around? It can get so crazy... we moved frequently for so many years it felt we were living out of boxes mostly. It's taken me a while to get out of that mindset!

Pray things go well during all the changes!

Leisa said...

I love your new blog and all the FREE templates..ughh