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Friday, September 26, 2008

Have you ever sat down to blog and forgotten what you were going to say?

I had something that I wanted to post. And now that I sat down I can't remember it. It's pretty sad when you forget in the time it takes your computer to boot.

I spent today at a Precept training. My class today was on Greek Word Studies. Go on, ask me about the aorist, subjunctive, passive, used as an imperative.

It was really enlightening, and exposed me to research tools I might not have ever even tried to figure out before.

Tomorrow is my Leader's Training day. We're going over 2 Thessalonians. Today we were in 2 Timothy. In church we are studying John. My Tuesday Precept class is on 1 Peter. And the kids' Precept class is on Revelation. My brain is just about two seconds away from being totally fried. I've lost my ability to keep it all straight, and am probably reduced to "somewhere in the Bible it says..." But it's great, and amazing how the lessons all tie in together even though they are not at all intended by man to do that. The more I study the Bible, the more I see the same themes run constant and true from Genesis to Revelation. It's really neat to see it all come together, like a puzzle that finally starts looking like the picture on the box. Of course, we'll never see it clearly on Earth...somewhere in the Bible it tells us that, LOL. But it's like at the eye doctor when they fit you for glasses and they put a whole bunch of lenses in front of you two at a time and ask "is it better here, or here?" Each thing I learn, each book I study, brings the picture a little more into focus.
I'm nervous about the training tomorrow. I've lead topical Bible classes before, but the reality of leading a Precept class is sobering. This is serious study. I'm in my 12th Precept upon Precept study now, so it's not like I haven't been doing this for a while, but I do feel the weight of the responsibility. Anyway, I don't even know that there will be a need for me to teach anytime soon, but just knowing that I could...that if our instructor is out I could be called, it's a big step.
On that note, I should go to bed to be ready for the morning.
Oh, and Scott and his Scout Troop are camping this week-end, so say a little prayer for their safety. I know they are fine, but it's always a bit nerve wracking to have your child spending the night in a forest without you. I'm sure Sonlight Garden would covet your prayers for her son too.
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Melissa said...

Good for you on doing the training. Wow! 12 Precepts - that's awesome!

ann marie said...

I think you will be a great teacher.