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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday TJ

It's after midnight, and I should be in bed, but I just have to say Happy Birthday to TJ. He's 7 whole years old today...and it's his "golden birthday" (some invented occasion that occurs when you turn the age of the date of your birth, i.e. 7 on the 7th). I'll blog his story later today hopefully, but let me just say that he is a wonderful child...all boy, but also sensitive, loving, gentle, and obedient. I LOVE him to pieces :-).
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Steph said...

Happy Birthday T.J.!!! What a cutie!

Randi Sue said...

Happy Birthday! Levi turned 10 on the 5th

Julie said...

Sorry TJ, my wonderful Godson, I didn't really forget, just didn't get to tell you Happy Birthday today (we'll tell you tomorrow...maybe with cake!). If it's any consolation we didn't say Happy Grandparents' Day to my parents either, and we were with them today!!