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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mittens update

If your nocturnal visitor shows up diurnally (yep, that's the word for daytime activities...we learned that somewhere, and while I can't even remember where-Trout Lake maybe?-I remember the word now) as well, that probably makes it official, right? In fact, as I type this, Sari just walked in and said, "Mommy, I am happy Mi-Mi-Mittens is back". (Total diversion-Sari has started stuttering. It happened right around the time my friend at Unofficially Nameless got her news and somehow "My child is stuttering" seemed awfully petty next to "Your child has a terminal disorder".) Anyway, Mittens is back by day today. Now all the kids have gotten to see him. Here are some more (less scary) pictures.

Can you guess who I could not get away from the cat, LOL?
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Julie said...

I think Mittens will be Sari's cat!

Anonymous said...

awe, can we keep her mom ? Can we..

Anonymous said...

awe, can we keep her mom ? Can we


Melissa said...

Looks like he's home to stay. He's beautiful!