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Friday, July 11, 2008

Family night

Last night was family night at Boy Scout camp. My husband and I went along with Sari, while Marie took the other two to a theatre recital. It was fun to see Scott. I miss him to pieces when he's not here. It was hard not to mention all our hard work on his room, but we kept it a total secret. Sari was sooooo excited to see him, and him her.

I love the relationship they have together. I also got to see K and her kids, whom we have not seen in quite a while.

The boys took us on a tour of the camp...except their actual campsite which is 2 miles away from the main camp. We did see all their other activities and got to watch them shoot for their rifle shooting badge. Speaking of that...Scott may not get his. Why? Because they had homework to turn in Wednesday. The scoutmaster asked all the boys if they had it before they left camp that morning, and they all said yes...or maybe they just didn't hear him, because it turns out that out of the 5 of them, 4 forgot it at their campsite. Two realized it and scrambled to get it done before the rifle class instructor started teaching. One decided not to do that, but then found his in his pocket anyway. And Scott? Well, he tried to scramble, but he just does NOT function well rushed and under pressure and on impromptu things. So he got some of it re-done, but not all because he got flustered and so he did not have it to turn in (it was though finished back at their campsite 2 miles away).
That's where these boys need a mamma. I KNOW this whole endeavor is meant to foster independence, but he did just turn 11, and in his world "homework" and having to be responsible for transporting assignments just doesn't exist. Because of our approach to school, we do our work all together. It KILLS me that that homework is potentially the ONLY thing to keep him for earning his badge, and that it was done even, but not turned in by the deadline because no one sent him back for it or would go back for it themselves. At camp, the can only work on 3 merit badges each summer, and apparently he will have to RETAKE this one SOLELY to turn in the homework. Crazy, huh? Please pray the the range master has mercy and he does indeed earn his badge, or their may be a crazy mamma around here.
Last night, they boys were trying to finish their qualifing. They had to shoot five "5s". That means they have a sheet with 6 silver dollar sized targets on it down range that they are aiming for. The goal is to put 5 bullets through 5 of those targets in an area small enough so that all five holes in the paper can fit inside, or be on the edge of, a circle drawn by tracing a quarter. These five do not all have to be on the SAME target, but you must have five "5s" to qualify for your badge. There's way more to the story that I can type right now, but through our coaxing, Scott persisted last night while we were there in getting the last 2 "5s" he needed to qualify. J also stuck it out and got his last one, so now all they need to do is be able to clean a gun today, and J will get his merit badge. Scott's will rest in the hands of the decision on his homework. Oh, and did I mention that the ONLY place and time the homework part of the badge can be done is at CAMP? ARH!!!! Please pray this morning, as the meeting where the scoutmaster gets the report on what the boys officially completed is this afternoon.

Scott working on his last 2 "5s". Can you even see the target paper? It's attached to the log pole in the distance, and the targets are about 6 inches off the ground.
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Tiffany said...

That's impressive to shoot that little target. I hope it all works out for him. He certainly deserves the badge.