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Monday, July 7, 2008

Hi Mommy!

Those words are music to my ears when they are on the other end of the phone line after an unknown name and number showed up on my caller ID. One of the dads who is camping with the scout troop let Scott use his phone to check in and say "hi". He is having a great time. He passed his swim test (all the kids are swim tested before they can swim in the pool). He also earned his "totin'chip" meaning he can carry and use a knife, ax, or saw at Boy Scout functions. He was pretty excited. Tomorrow they will earn their "firem'n chit" which means they can carry matches and safely build and manage and extinguish a fire.
He also got to fire a .22 rifle today. It's like a boy's dream come true. Oh, and he got to go shopping. He bought a rabbit skin. That should go nicely in his new room (YUCK!!!). He already has planned something he wants to buy for Sari, but he did not go into more detail. Hopefully it won't be another formerly living critter, LOL. Thursday night is family night at camp and we have church, but he sounded so excited about us coming out that I think we will go check out camp and listen to the message on-line.
It was so great to talk to him. He's a good kid, and sometimes I need a little distance to remind myself of that. He was concerned for his friend J whose dad was meant to be camping with them but got called out of the county on work. Scott has moved into J's tent to that J would not be sleeping alone, and he's very proud that J seems to be handling his dad's absence well. He genuinely cares about his friends, and it's nice to see him express that.
I'm thankful for the dad who let him use his phone. It was such a treat to speak with him :-).

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Anonymous said...

Oh the days of Boy Scout Camp, I remember them so well. AS a matter of fact, when I was cleaning out the house this weekend I came across Phillip's totin'chip and firem'n chit cards. The last year he went to BS camp he did the mile swim in the lake. Only five boys completed it. It was awesome.

Oh and I was concerned about the gift thing too. He did a great job though and brought Elizabeth a bandana with the constellations on it and a bear for Jon.

Leisa said...

That is great. I am so glad he is doing well away from home. Is this his first time at camp? I would definitely go to camp on Thursday, especially if he is looking forward to it. Is the camp local?

Julie said...

He is so sweet!

Melissa said...

Don't they still sound so little when you talk to them on the phone?!