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Friday, July 25, 2008

More painting

This time at our new church building. We had a work night tonight, and a wonderful couple from church volunteered to watch kids so parents could go work. Jennie and I both took them up on their offer and went and painted. I think I painted as much of me as I did the walls-it was really splatter-y paint!
Here are some pics:

The youth group came to help :-)

This is the room I worked on...but I did the cut in work at the ceiling. This is the HOTTEST room in there, and after spending quite some time on a ladder painting all around the room, I can tell you hot air REALLY DOES RISE. This room was easily 20 degrees warmer than the rest, and the ceiling was even warmer than the rest of the room. Painting it was like the CCOTL weight loss plan.

Not sure who thought, "hey, let's put the tallest guy here up in a lift where he has to duck to avoid ceiling tiles", LOL but here's Shelly's husband running cables.

More work tomorrow. We are trying to get our certificate of occupancy this week, but an unforeseen glitch may affect that...we will have to see. Still, it's all very exciting. SO exciting that I caved in and allowed Jennie's two oldest to come spend the night. She did take TJ, so at least I have only a net gain of one, LOL.
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StephieK said...

I am praying about the glitch as I was told about it this morning. Who would have known?!

Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. I've yet to get up there and won't be getting up there this week either. That would require walking and I'm doing almost none of that. Thanks for sacrificing your time and your husband's time to do so much!

Randi Sue said...