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Monday, July 28, 2008

Can I be honest?

I love my kids. Really. I've always wanted to be a mom, and God has blessed me richly. I firmly believe homeschooling is what He has called me to and that we as their parents are the best influence in their lives.


I LIVE for VBS. Vacation Bible Schools are God's gift to homeschoolers. Homeschool moms are "on" 24/7. You take your kids grocery shopping, bill paying, and even to the GYN with you (unless you can work something out with your friends). There is never a time when your job ends. You are always the mamma. And I love that. Really I do.


Sometimes I want to do the things that don't seem to get done. The 2 years worth of filing. The purging of clothes that the kids have outgrown. The sorting and organizing of 1200 square feet of "stuff" in the basement. And VBS gives me the one time a year that I get a few hours to myself when I feel the mental burden of all the other daily things I "should be" doing lifted and I can take on one of those larger projects because the kids are not here so I am not neglecting anyone. (Okay, Sari is here, but the dynamics are different and one is SO much easier than all 4.)
So last week the kids were in Music Camp all week. They loved it, and I had 5 days that they were happily occupied in worship and learning, and in theory I could tackle my projects.


We have a puppy.

They take time.

And energy.

And need constant supervision.

SO the projects went largely undone.

But, I did get to spend some nice time with Sari alone. She never gets that and she really enjoyed it. We baked and cleaned and read and played with Riley. And it was just the two of us.

Here are some pictures of our week:

Can you spot TJ? He's in the black shirt next to the girl in blue.

Mimi is in the light purple shirt...with all the hair. Look out Crystal Gayle, LOL.

Scott got to play a robot. He's the tall one in the middle.

Two different very similar smile, LOL.

The song was called "I'm going to throw up". Just read the words. The chorus talks about throwing you hands up to Jesus, but the kids all LOVED it for the obvious gross innuendo.

Finally, here's Sari helping me make jello. She could not have been happier!
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Tree Climbing Mom said...

I'm so glad you had some down time. Although, I'm not sure you can call it down time with a new puppy. My favorite part of down time (besides sitting on the couch with chocolate) is purging toys and junk without being asked, "Why are you getting rid of that?"

chewhi said...

The pictures or your sharing is never boring!

LOL... kids to the GYN... I remember those days! I'm at a point where I'm gone for some hours and the kids are home or they're out at their own jobs or just out and about and I think... was it just a few years ago??

Lisa said...

So, basically, you now have FIVE children. :) I bet Sari loved her exclusive Mamma time...

Steph said...

WOW is all I can say to the hurl song in VBS. Lol

I had some one on one time with Kate the other day and it was awesome!!!! We made P B & J's together and read and it was a treasure.

chewhi said...

Steph... I know... the first time I heard this was when I started helping out in children's worship when we started going to CCVB and I was like... uh-hum... excuse me... hurl?? I still can't quite make myself sing that stanza!