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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A different sort of update

Okay, so constantly supervising the puppy takes more brain energy and time than I anticipated, and blogging seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Tonight we went to look at the progress on the new church building, and I thought I'd share it with you all...

Signs are a changin'...Awesome Audio's is down, and ours will be going up!

That big vacant spot under the Motorcycle Training? That's for us too!

Even at 8:30 tonight two guys from the church were up there grouting a building with no air conditioning right now!

Some people obviously WEREN'T working hard, LOL.

But they enjoyed the fan nonetheless.

The new sanctuary...facing the stage.

The windows on the "family worship" room just off the back of the sanctuary.

The back of the sanctuary. The family room is in the far corner, and the partial wall next to it is the sound booth. The doors with the exit sign are the main doors from the classroom area.

The kitchen. This is in the adjacent building with the classrooms and fellowship area. This building needed less build-out, and most of the build-out is done. The walls are textured, some are primed, and they should get painted this weekend.

A bathroom in near the fellowship hall.

One of the classrooms.
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Lisa said...

Suppressing a spastic scream right now lest I wake my sleeping family...THE SIGN IS DOWN!!! Word on the street says the new one goes up Thursday morning! AAAAGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! :) :) :)

chewhi said...

so cool you guys!

Randi Sue said...

I want to hear more.