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Sunday, July 13, 2008


SO today we went to church and had a great message. Then the younger 3 and I went to the grocery store and Scott had a friend come over. We worked on getting the loft put together, but SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless but really wants a puppy) forgot to recharge the batteries of his cordless screwdriver so the loft bed is 90% done, but not sleep-able yet. Then I took S home, went to JoAnns with Mimi to get fabric for her next sewing day, and went to Tractor Supply to get bunny litter...and puppy food, a collar, and some toys...yep, it's about as official as it can get. At least Mimi cleaned her room to earn the shopping trip. Oh, and I went to Target and spent my birthday gift card from this year, and birthday money from last year or the year before (I know, I'm crazy) and got a firepit. My husband has really wanted one for a long time, and this one was very nice and on clearance, so I decided to get it. Our anniversary was a few weeks ago, and other than dinner, we never get presents since it always falls during our vacation week, and vacation sucks up any present money we would have to spend on each other. So this was my chance to get him something he wanted for free, since it was money his parents had given me for my birthday :-).
My husband smoked some meat today, so he made dinner while I ran the errands. Then we watched Journey to the Center of the Earth (Scott read the abridged version on vacation) and I made caramel popcorn. It's really yummy, but since that's what I was eating when my crown fell out, I think I just will never be able to eat it and not worry about causing more dental problems. Back to Kettle Corn for us.
I'm off to bed. There's a full day of laundry and cleaning the house tomorrow...and piano practice and lesson for Scott...oh, and SCHOOL for the kids...don't want to forget that!
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Steph said...

He SMOKED and I was not a recipient??? He is SO fired. :)
Sorry we bailed...we were out and the weather scared the ahem out of us. We BEAT it home thinking tornado! But it ended up barely raining and blowing over??? Weird Florida weather. It is SOOO fickle! Ok, then ON with the dog. We all must be terrible supportive now and never say I told you so. What's the little darling's name going to be?