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Thursday, July 3, 2008

I don't know about those Aussies

My uncle was an exchange student for a year in high school. He went to Australia, and he still keeps in touch with his Australian family. This past spring, he and his family, and my other uncle and his wife, went to Australia to visit. They saw lots of amazing sights, and the four guys even climbed the Sydney bridge.
But this may well be the strangest "take-away" from their trip....the rubber band game. The goal is to take the rubber band (stretched around your head so that it rests just under your nose) and move it to your neck using only your facial muscles (WITHOUT any hands). Here are the pictures from my two cousins and my brother as they "raced" to move the rubber band to their necks.

This was one of those "wet-your-pants-funny" sort of events to watch. My brother fared the worst, and kept claiming the disadvantage of facial hair, but since his rubber band never moved from the spot you see it in above, I think it was a lame excuse, LOL. His real disadvantage was his rubber band, and in the second round they all used the thicker blue ones, and they proved much harder to move (and therefore funnier to watch!).
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Randi Sue said...

Funny! WE have played this game with kids at church before.

chewhi said...

Girls would have to wear their hair up... or would down be better... will have to try!