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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The extreme room makeover is going well. Today was painting day. I "borrowed" some paint from Presley (you can't really give it back after you put it on the walls, LOL). Scott said if he could have his walls any color, it would be turquoise. Yep. That's right. I had to ask, "Do you even know what color that is?" But of course he does. The scouts did a rock collecting unit last year, and he has a turquoise rock. He informed me it's his favorite color. BUT, is it a color you want on an 11 year old boy's walls? So Presley had a green-ish turquoise she wasn't using, and we went with that because it was less intense than the blue-er turquoise. BUT, it's a totally different color in the room. I like it, but it's not at all what the paint looks like anywhere else (especially not on my hands, LOL).
Anyway, Marie came over and helped me paint, and my sister has been looking for a diversion for my nephew, so she took Sari, and Mimi even helped paint (actually, she BEGGED to help, and even when her arms got tired, she would say..."Scott's going to LOVE this. I'm so glad I get to help.") It melts my heart, especially because he is usually not nearly as kind about her.
In addition to painting, I got curtains (actually, they are shower curtains, but the colors were perfect) and a comforter (his current bed is a full and the new loft will be a twin, so he needed a new comforter) and sheets that match. I also got him a lamp since the boys share one now. Oh, and spray paint to repaint the blades on the ceiling fan in that room. It's getting very exciting, and so far, it hasn't been very pricey. Scott's birthday was June 25th, so this is his present from us...although he doesn't know that yet, LOL.
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Steph said...

WHEN can we come over and see?

StephieK said...

This sounds so cool! Do you need any other help? Let me know.

chewhi said...

don't forget posting pictures!