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Thursday, July 17, 2008

And I do this voluntarily?

Yesterday Scott and I had appointments at the allergy doctor. Seems that the allergy serum is only good for a year, so my shot in June was actually from expired serum. Who knew? Anyway, since we do our injections at home (my mom does them, but now I think Presley is going to have to because hers were almost pain free!) we needed to go into the office for our first injections off the new vials. The nurse there is like nurse Ratched. She just aims and injects. No gently gathering the tissue where the shot will go. No gentle poke. No slow administration. She literally has you turn around and then she gabs you and is done in a millisecond.
I was glad to be there though because Scott has a bad reaction to his shots. So much so that my mom was uncomfortable giving them to him anymore. But there, they could monitor him. The did a lung function test during his reaction and then nebulized him and repeated the test. It must have helped a bit because they gave me a prescription for the inhaler...although he thought we probably wouldn't need it. They also did what I do, which is dose him up with Benadryl (I had given him 2 tsp. before we went). He sleeps REALLY well after that. The bottom line is that the doctor wants his shots cut in half, but twice as often. The smaller amount of serum should cause a smaller reaction. Also, we will do claritin the morning of his shot. We'll see how it goes.
As for me, my immediate reaction is not bad, but by bed time, it looked like I had gotten breast implants on the back of my arms. Seriously. Ask my husband. It was like a had a really large extra muscle or something. And they ITCH and HURT. I've never had them get that big before. They really were about the size of a softball cut in half. This morning they are still slightly swollen and hot to the touch, but at least it's progress. I can't believe I do this on purpose!
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ann marie said...

That extra breast thing sounds very sexy. I am sure your husband loves it!
See what happens when you leave one little comment on my blog?

ann marie said...

I wasn't done, why did I push publish. I meant to say also, see after you left a comment on mine you were deemed "worthy" and I will now always leave comments on yours...and just admit, you like getting comments, even if they are from obnoxious people you barely know!

Lisa said...

Ah...the days of allergy shots. I went to an "old-school" doc who had me do THREE PER WEEK for a year. I thought that I was going to die. But they made a huge difference. I still am a freak show with my allergies, but it's NOTHING like it used to be. I hope it's worth all the trouble for you all too. :)

chewhi said...

I have a script to go to an allergist from months ago and haven't gone yet. My inner ears and eyes are always messed up and they ran a brief test which showed I'm "extremely" allergic to something... but I don't know what it is and at this point, will have to go back to my doctor to have a new script done to go to the allergist (insurance rules). This is one of my worse areas... taking care of my own health issues. I had a bad mammo, things ended up fine but they wanted to see me again in 6 months... I've had my second letter and still haven't gone... I hate going to the doctors, they keep finding things wrong with me.