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Saturday, July 12, 2008


potentially the newest member of our family!

My husband wants a dog. Really. Like, he really wants one. Normally it's me doing the, "Isn't it cute...can't we keep it" thing, but before we went on vacation, someone he knows had some puppies and HE brought it up...IN FRONT of the KIDS. That's the same as telling the kids we are getting one in kid language. But when we got home, he did not mention it again, and I felt relief that neither did the kids and maybe it was just a passing thing.

Or not.

Turns out those puppies were all claimed, but our friend K just happens to have the EXACT SAME type of puppies available RIGHT NOW, LOL. SO we went to see them today when we picked up Scott.

I LOVE critters, but I have 5 strange hairless types already (4 kids and my husband) to clean up after day and night. We also have 2 of the more traditional hairy ones...a hamster and a rabbit. So for once, I am less enthusiastic, and he is really pressing forward.

But here's the thing. He's my husband. He is the spiritual and physical head of our household. He works hard to provide for our family and serve our church. And if his one desire is a dog...why shouldn't he have one? So most likely I will suck it up and mentally gear up for poop scooping (off my carpet...they aren't housebroken and we don't have a fenced yard). I'll keep you posted, but here are some pics from today.

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DebiH. said...

I guess I will not be telling you about the week that I have had with our neurotic dog. Well, maybe I will... On the 4th of July I had to drive around the neighborhood to drag her back home from a cookout that she crashed...she helped herself to a few hamburgers and hot dogs as well :) Then a few nights ago I nearly broke a leg falling into a whole she dug just on the edge of our patio. Oh, she also discovered this week that she can hide under the playhouse in our backyard. If she is there when I need to leave home, I have to bribe her out with a hot dog before I can leave home. If I just leave her under there and it happens to rain while I am away, she will dig under the fence and then I will have to drive through the neighborhood hunting for her :)...again. But I do love her. And, the housebreaking was not so bad. But I also had no children when she was a puppy. Get a kennel and crate train the puppy first.

Leisa said...

Get a cat, way easier and no stepping in poo in the middle of the night. It will also save the kids the heartbreak when you finally have had enough and find some "farm" for it to go live at.....

Lady G~ said...

AWE... too cute! We have a golden retriever named Nicodemus. He's HUGE... weighs 100 lbs! But he's AWESOME!

What type of dogs are these?

Steph said...

Shall I go on?

oneblessedmamma said...

The mom is a black lab. The dad is an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. Here's the link to see the rest of them. They're free, LOL.
Look for the blog called Puppies!

Randi Sue said...

He is cute!