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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Doin' the Happy dance

My boy is home!!!! I'm so glad he had a good time, but I'm also really glad he's home. He's tired, and he may skip out on the Wizard of Oz tonight, but he's currently sitting on the floor of his new room assembling a lego thing J gave him. He loves his room, although we did not get it finished. We need to assemble his loft bed (2 parts still need a little more poly) and then move in the furniture (some of it is going UNDER the loft, so it can't be moved in yet).

The ceiling fan...I repainted the blades in a metallic paint, added a strip of the wall color, and colored the plain plastic stripe in the center a darker brown to match the stain on the loft bed.

His curtains and a bit of the wall color.

New "stuff"...laundry hamper and garbage can.

In other happy news, your/our prayers were answered :-). Scott appealed to the range master, and he took the homework late, so HE GOT HIS RIFLE SHOOTING MERIT BADGE!!!!! I'm so thrilled because he really worked hard. All of the boys in his troop earned it. Also, they earned their other two badges as well. There was some talk that the Geology badge would require two more activities after camp was finished, but somehow they completed them at camp so they got that badge too. It was a great week for them, but I'm so glad he's home.
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chewhi said...

good job! on both the badges and the room... great colors.

and I'm keeping quiet about the puppy though I'd be the same way if my husband were really wanting it too.

StephieK said...

Awesome room! Missed seeing you, Sari and Scott tonight at Oz.