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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can you relate?

SO we have this magazine kicking around the house. Normally the advertisements are TOTALLY lost on me. I mean it. I am an advertisers NIGHTMARE because I don't even notice them. But this one from Jeep totally cracks me up because I can totally relate...

"First we added doors and it snowballed from there."

It goes on to say, "Over six decades ago we entered the civilian market and gave the people what they wanted:doors. Then, a roof. And some seatbelts. Pretty soon, we got carried away..."

I can totally relate. My WHOLE LIFE works that way. I start with one thing, and it snowballs into something huge and totally different. Like making over Scott's room. It seemed simple. But. Have you seen my house? If you take all the stuff out of one room in your house and you totally change the function of that room, then all the other stuff that was in there, and all the stuff that applies to its previous function (in this case my office) has to find a new home. So one room spills over to every other room of the house. Add puppy proofing, and it just gets carried away.
So what did I do to make life more interesting today? Well, after seeing the predicted doom and gloom from the president and the head of the Fed, I decided if ever there was a time to refinance, it would be now. So I innocently went on Lending Tree to get quotes. It's been 7 1/2 years since we've applied for a mortgage. I forgot. how. painful. a process. it. is. Seriously. I spent ALL morning on the phone with 2 different potential lenders, each stumping me with questions I should know but don't, and questions I have never thought of and can't understand why anyone else has either. ARG! So in addition to cleaning my house and puppy-proofing and picking up said puppy, I now have hours of phone interviews and paperwork hunting to go through.
It all started with a simple online form...and it snowballed from there.
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chewhi said...

this is SO how things go! pray you get it figured out quick and can get it behind you!

ann marie said...

well, it's good that you can refinance...we bought our house two years ago and oh so wisely put no money, you get the picture...the market stinks and we owe more than we could ever get for it, so can't's okay though because I hate paperwork

Lisa said...

yep. yep. and yep.