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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So what exactly are the qualifications...

for a "bad mom"? If your kids are going to a music camp for the week, and your boys have worn THE EXACT SAME CLOTHES for the first two days, does that count as "bad mom" material? Especially if you don't notice until your MOTHER IN LAW comments that the youngest son will need a change of clothes before she takes him to the movies because his clothes are so dirty? (Of course, she said this in front of him, so draw your own conclusions about HER qualifications.) In the end, TJ opted not to go to the movie anyway...I think in part because of her comment. Sad. BUT they went to see Wall-E, which ironically, the older two LOVED. The in-laws thought it was terrible, and Sari (who went in TJ's place) got scared in the middle and started crying so her Nana took her out.
(And then she called to talk to me from the hallway outside the theatre. When I suggested that she might be okay to go back in if she were sitting WITH Nana or even Scott, Nana said, "She was sitting with Scott. She was sitting in the seat right between Scott and Mimi." Does the mother-ese get lost that quickly? Did she really not understand that "sit with" means "in the lap of" and not just somewhere in the vicinity of?)
Oh well.
Sari watched the last few minutes, and then they all went to dinner so it was a nice night for them. TJ hung out with me, and Bam-Bam and his mom came over to see the puppy. Oh, and in the middle of all that, the appraiser called and he had gotten a call from the mortgage company saying they wanted teh appraisal by Thursday, and he was going out of town tomorrow so he wanted to know...could he come by NOW?
Why Not?
I mean, I just have a new puppy, visitors, and a total wreck of a house due to the room make-over, but sure, just do a drop-by appraisal.
I BENT OVER BACKWARDS to help him, making copies of surveys and the old appraisal...anything to make him look favorably on our situation. Please pray that the appraisal comes back where we need it, since in this market that is the one big unknown.
I'm kind of glad they dropped by without any prep time because I would have been going crazy trying to make everything as "good"" as possible for the appraisal, and now it's done and I can't change anything anyway.
When we told my in-laws what we wanted to do with the money from the re-fi, they scoffed and said that would not even begin to be enough. Yep. Thanks for the support. Sorry, I don't mean to sound as bitter as I probably do. By tomorrow it will be water under the bridge.
Anyway, I'm going to go spend time with my husband now :-). I married him, not his family, LOL, and despite our chocolate/chili pepper marriage, I DO enjoy his company, and I don't get nearly enough of it right now ;-).
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Leisa said...

What refi?? Are you moving, did I miss a post...What are you doing with the $ Finishing the basement?? I'm home but feeling out of the loop, call me

Lori said...

Hey! I'm not very smart about all this blogging stuff and I'm probably breaking blog world etiquette right now... Am I supposed to respond to you on your blog or mine? Anyway, I miss you, too. We're planning on hitting "The Lakes" on the big kickoff Sunday or a week or two after. I'm new to the blogging thing (obviously) and I'm enjoying catching up with everyone!