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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Picture recap-Father's Day

Here's the cookie-cake Mimi decorated for her daddy for Father's Day:

Publix had heavily advertised for Mother's day that the kids could come in and decorate an 8" cake for their mom...there was never any mention of a charge involved on any sign of flyer. We did not go because it was a busy week-end. Father's day week-end, I just happened to need to go to the store, and although I did not know about it before hand, when I saw the Publix lady sitting at a table with decorating stuff, I figured they were doing something similar for Father's Day. So I said to Mimi, "WOuld you like to decorate a cookie for Daddy?" and of course she said, "YES!" And then the lady says, "The cookies are $7.49 each...regularly $9.95, so you're saving $1.50." Let's be clear that this is an 8" cookie. I could go BUY premade cookie dough, roll it out into a 13" circle, and even BUY icing to decorate it for WAY less than $7.50, but what do ya do? So, I'm a sap, and a busy mom, so I caved in...and Mimi LOVED it, and was so proud of her cookie. Note to self...steer clear of Publix on holiday week-ends :-).
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