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Friday, June 13, 2008


Yesterday the reporter came to take pictures to go with the article. It was great, in that we got to just "do school" and he just took pictures around us. How's that for well adjusted kids? Not only did they have to perform on command, but they had to pretend like we have a camera flashing around us everyday as they attempt to find Macedonia on the map. Of course, with me as their mother, they DO have a camera flashing around them a LOT, LOL.

We spent the afternoon at Scott Humston's library reading/magic show. Some of us met before hand for ice cream, but I think we won't do that least not THERE. At BR, the KIDS scoop was $1.99, although it rang up at $2.29. Worse, the scoops were TINY. Scott's show was worth every penny though (it was free, but it would have been worth every penny we spent on the ice cream at least, LOL).

Crispy came by after and we showed her the 3 clean rooms of the house, LOL. (Actually, I showed her the whole thing-I must be addle-brained these days that I am showing more people my mess.)

After that, it was Mickey D's for dinner and straight off to church for a great reminder that Jesus IS God, and He is the WORD, and we need to actually let Him lead us, and actually apply His Word to our lives. Intentionally, purposefully, and accurately. Every day. Intending to apply it is NOT enough. Yep, that spoke to me...

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chewhi said...

Do you know when it's to be in the paper? and which paper so I can look it up on the internet? thanks!