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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Doncha just hate it...

when you actually pay to rent a movie from the video store and it turns out to be bad...or just not even worth watching? Put Atonement under that category. Trust me.
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Steph Clunn, moderator said...

Are you crazy?? Don't you remember my post on that??? Lol That was the last time I will think I can view a rated R movie without feeling the repercussions of it. (shudder)
I was embarassed for the old ladies sitting beside Jeff and I.
Heck I was embarassed in front of Jeff! Shame on them! Does NO ONE have any moral sensibilities anymore? I was even embarassed for Kiera Knightly! No lady of worth should be exposed to such filth.
Sorry you had to view that. Yucky.

chewhi said...

the movie looks good in the trailer... but I believe you guys, thanks!

Lady G~ said...

I think the movie would of done just fine had they left out the rated R stuff. Which in my book was more like XXX.

But I do like how it was a story ending the sister wrote. How she regretted all that had happened because of her childishness. How she wished he sister had had a happy ending. I fast forwarded through those scenes. But the movie tugged at my heart. There is just something about a love that doesn't get to blossom because of choices other make.