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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hot off the Presses

So this morning a reporter from a local paper came to interview the kids and me. My sister is friends with someone who works there, and somehow this friend mentioned to a reporter looking to do a story about what a family was doing for the summer that I homeschool. He thought that was an interesting twist, so he wanted to talk to us.
It's weird to try to homeschool on command, and even more strange to haul everything out, and then have him ask us questions for an hour and get no schooling done. He asked a TON of questions, and I hope I was eloquent in my answers. My approach to homeschooling is different from a lot of other people's, but I tried to get that across to him-that part of the beauty of homeschooling is having the freedom to do what works best for you and your kids...even if that is NOT what works best for anyone else you know, or what the local schools are doing.
I'm apprehensive about it because I feel like the reporter was a bit young and I think homeschooling was a foreign concept to him. I hope I explained it well and that he can take what I said and translate that into something that doesn't make us sound like freaks, LOL.
He wanted to speak to more homeschoolers than just me, so if you are reading this, and I know your phone number off the top of my head, you may be getting a call from him.
The photographer comes tomorrow to take pictures to go with the article, so we have to homeschool on command again. The upside is that my house is relatively clean, and has been for almost a whole DAY, LOL.
Crispy, now is the time to come may not look like this again for a while.
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Emily said...

I'm sure you did a great job. I hope you will link to the article when it comes out.

crispy said...

Should we rush right over or wait to see your home in its full glory. Like I probably isn't THAT bad. =)

And since you were representing the homeschooling community as a whole (note my sarcasm here), did you sport your denim dress and white sneakers? ***I am sure I just offended someone with that comment*** Just having a little fun. =)

Lady G~ said...

You are a wonderful spokesperson for homeschoolers. He'd have to be dense if he didn't get the concept. Let us know when it's going to be in the paper. I'll be sure to purchase it.

I had to laugh at crispy's comment. Just the other day, our Fair Maidens were looking through some pictures. They were laughing and giggling. One of their comments were, "We looked like the typical homeschoolers!"

Randi Sue said...

That sounds exciting for the kids.