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Sunday, June 1, 2008

What are the odds?

Scott and his Boy Scout troop went camping this week-end at a local spring. Saturday morning's activity was a multi hour canoe-ing trip. My husband, great scout that he is, volunteered to stay back at camp and watch their stuff and the non-existent camp fire. Scott rode in a canoe with the Scout Master and his son. Things were going well...until they capsized the canoe. What was Scott wearing on his feet? His NEW Crocs-they aren't more than 2-3 months old. And what happened? Those of you who know us can guess, I'm sure. His foot got stuck in some muck, and his ONE Croc got stuck, pulled off his foot, and was lost forever.
The irony? This same thing happened with his last pair of Crocs in a local downtown stream. That time, I was with him, and I made him muck around for 30 minutes trying to find it. The stream looked about a foot deep, but when you stepped in it (and all boys love to step in creeks, right?) you sank up to your, well, privates. And Scott is no short boy. That muck was thick, and alas, the only thing we had to show for him mucking around after the lost shoe was 2 leeches (YUCK!!!!).
Yesterday, I'm sure he was glad his mamma wasn't there :-). So he returned one-shoed from the canoe trip. The worst part is apparently it came up to the surface (Crocs float if they aren't buried in feet of muck) and floated past our friend's canoe and T didn't go after it. With 6 kids, you'd think he'd appreciate the value of lost footwear, LOL.
What are the odds of twice losing ONE Croc in river muck? There must be a lesson in all from now on he can only wear beach shoes in rivers. Oh, and sadly, the Crocs are two different sizes, so it's not like he can wear them as a mis-matched pair...I already thought of that.
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Melissa said...

ok, this is too funny - since it's not my kid and I'm not shelling out $30 for another new pair - I'm sure it's not funny for you. :(

Tiffany said...

You are kidding me??? How could he do it again????
Unfortunately, they are such great shoes you almost have to replace them to survive summer.

Steph said...

At Bealles! :)

crispy said... go for days, even weeks without posting and then you have 3 posts right away. I have comments for all of the them.

1. I would have thought of the miss matched crocs too. Too bad that it didn't work.

2. You are brave to take on a known "have to go home in the middle of the night" child for a sleep over.

3. 4 hours...Leisa, I could hear you saying your comment. And it made me think of the melting water bottle at the park.

OK...that's all. Thanks for posting.

bfarmmom said...

Terry told me he lost his crocs. I said, oh A is not going to be happy. I then told him about the other story. However, he did not tell me it floated PAST HIM!!! I am going to go yell at him right now!

bfarmmom said...

OK, here's the scoop. My hubby has no idea what I am talking about. He was about 40 minutes behind their canoe. So there you have it.
The case of the missing croc continues LOL