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Friday, June 6, 2008

Does anyone else have luck like this?

DO you remember that song from Hee-Haw (a show I despised, but my parents liked) that went, "If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all."? I ask, because at least for me and Dentistry it's true.
I was in the kitchen making caramel popcorn (the Falcone recipe that R had given me, and Ann so kindly posted on her blog) and I took ONE bite...and found myself holding my CROWN in my hand. Seriously. This literally 2 weeks after my filling fell out on the opposite side of my mouth.

This time, I called the dentist, because the nub of a tooth you have left under your crown is missing ALL the protective enamel, and is just enough of a tooth to REALLY cause you pain, but not enough to do anything with. It literally twinges when I breathe through my mouth. ARG!

So I ate humble pie and called the dentist at 8 PM Friday night, and explained to him that I was currently holding in my hand the very crown that has plagued me for the last 2 years, and whose nerve had FINALLY died down enough that I could chew soft foods with it, and now BAM, the crown comes off. He said he could meet me tomorrow to fix it, but alas tomorrow I am taking my champion cookie selling girl scout and her friends on their well deserved (and cookie money funded) trip to Aquatica.

So my wonderful dentist (he's wonderful now...we'll see if/what he bills me for this) is meeting me at 7 AM to fix the crown. Which is great, because I need to lose weight, but the no-food-or-drink-by-mouth plan really isn't all it's cracked up to be. At least it kept me from the popcorn :-).

Pray for me tomorrow. Environments like Aquatica tend to push me way overboard in the stimulation realm, and then add early morning dental work to that, and it will be an interesting day.

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Steph Clunn, moderator said...

Man,whose your dentist?

Steph Clunn, moderator said...

For all the "sensory" stuff I hear everyone talk about...I wonder that it is not because WE have sensory issues. I am SO the same way about places like that. WHO thinks Disney is actually FUN? Lol
A recent networking friend just informed me that her hubby is someone up at somewhere who can get ALL of us in anytime to any park with 48 hours. We are excited...I THINK.

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry about your crown!! What a great dentist to meet you at that early hour!! Hope Aquatica goes well. I want a picture of you and M next to a kiwi (bird). We see them on the ads, so assume they will be pictured around the park.

Tiffany said...

How did it go today???