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Friday, June 13, 2008

More Sari-isms

We were praying before dinner, and Scott blessed the food, but Sari always has to pray. Unbeknownst to me (I was in the kitchen dishing up the food), she had worked out a deal with her Daddy that she did not have to eat peas tonight. So Scott ends his prayer, and starts popping peas. She turns to reprimand him, "You top eatin. It my turn to pway." While she was not paying attention, I noticed she didn't have peas and gave her a small scoop. So she starts praying.
(Yesterday, I shared with the kids the idea that we should be sure to thank God for ALL our blessings, not just the big things. Someone once challenged me with the thought, "What would you wake up with in the morning if you woke up WITHOUT all the things you did not thank God for the day before. While that has totally overhauled Mimi's prayer life, this is one admonition that Sari does not need. She thanks God for EVERYTHING...and I do mean everything.)
So she is in the middle of her laundry list when she gets to, "And tank you dat I not have to eat..." And then she looks at her plate, sees the peas that she was just thanking God she did NOT have to eat, and says, "Hey Mommy, Daddy say I not have to eat peas."
We all busted out laughing with serious giggles. It was too funny.
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Leisa said...


Randi Sue said...

I'm smiling. How funny.

Steph Clunn, moderator said...

cute! Reminds me of when Lauren (or was it Rach?) was little and was praying over dinner and said, "And please Lord, do not let us choke on this food."
I thought I'd die laughing.