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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Picture recap-QUILT!

I'm so happy it's finally DONE!

The center of the quilt is the star field from my great-grandmother's 48 star flag. She had 2 of them, both 5 1/2' by 9' and this one was a little tattered, so I decided (after much moral debate) to use the star field as the center of this quilt (and one of the stripes as the red border). This way, that flag and the memories it represents are preserved forever in a very usable way. On two squares are photos. Here they are up close:
The picture in the upper right is ME, eating from a cherry tree in the backyard of my Great Grandmother (Grandma Tress, we called her-she's my mom's dad's mom). The photo right below that is her house. The larger photo to the right in sepia tones is Grandma Tress as a young lady, the bottom left is my mom as a small child sitting on Grandma Tress's porch, and the bottom right corner is Grandma Tress with my mom. I LOVED my Grandma Tress, and would spend time with her every summer. SHe always made jello for the local firemen (I have some of her copper molds) and she ALWAYS had Spaghettios in the cellar for me. Mimi is named after her middle name. Her first name was really Tressa, but she didn't like it, so she went by Tress.

The top photo her is of the other side of my mom's family. The second lady from from the left is my mom's mom Muriel. My brother is standing in front of her. The first lady (in the blue dress) is HER mother Alberta (my mom's grandmother). I'm to my grandmother's right (as you look at the picture), my mom is on the end, and she is holding my sister.
The bottom photo is my sister, me, Grandma Tress, and my brother.

I'm crushed because the photo transfers are cracking and coming off. I might be able to fix it by re-ironing them with the release paper on the backside of the transfer paper, but to do that, I have to iron something else on to something so I HAVE some release paper to use. I'll ask my mom if I should try it because...The quilt is a present for her. Her birthday is July 2nd, and her family has always been really patriotic. (The picture of my mom's mother's side of the family is taken in front of my grandmother's garage...which was permanently painted with the flag on it.) The flag that is in the middle of the quilt flew at many of my mom's birthday gatherings, so it seems only fitting that she have it. I hope she loves it. She has seen it in its unfinished state, but not the finished product. And she has no idea it's for her. I'm almost looking more forward to getting back and giving it to her than I am to going on vacation!

Here's Sari with it. I love that it will bring the generations together by virtue of the story it tells. My kids never met those grandparents/great-grandparents of mine, but now they will be exposed to them every time they see the quilt at THEIR grandmother's house.
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chewhi said...

absolutely lovely!

what can be done when the photo transfers start coming off?

Lisa said...


5Gustos said...

I love it! And I am so happy you finished it by your deadline of her birthday. My girlie is getting quite patriotic too, with her Bday of the 4th of July. She's already wearing as much red-white-and blue as she can get her hands on, in honor of her special day coming up. She wants a quilt like this one now!! Only trouble is, I don't have the blocks you guys traded, nor the neat-o flag to use for the middle. Great job!!