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Friday, June 20, 2008

Crossing things off my list

We leave for vacation on Tuesday. Every year, my dad's brothers organize a family reunion on the last Sunday in June. It is our one major connection with that side of the family since my dad does not speak to any of us at all.
Anyway, I have a mental to-do list (which will get written down tomorrow!) of things to accomplish before we go. Things like cleaning the bunny and hamster cages, making sure the bunny has food, packing meds, etc. But two BIG things from that list were my main goals this week while the kids were at Art and Sports camp. The first was to finish my 4th of July quilt. This is the first quilt our homeschool moms did, but the big "reveal" was after teh 4th, and we had already moved on to our Christmas quilt project, so I had set the 4th of July one aside. My intention was to give it to my mom for her birthday this year. I'll explain WHY tomorrow when I actually post pictures, LOL. Her birthday though is July 2nd, and we get back in town the evening of July 1st. So it had to get done before we leave. And it IS!!!! Yea! It took 4 days, but it's done, and I love the way it turned out.
THe next project was of my own making, but I decided it would be nice to make my Uncle's wife a beach bag like the ones the girls learned how to make and the one I made for myself. I knocked it out this afternoon, so it's done too.
Also, the kids got their homeschool evaluation done today, so from an official standpoint, our year homeschool year is "over" but of course we still have lots to cover. Learning is a lifestyle, not a schedule-able event. But hey, the county will be happy!
Oh, and the ice maker is finally fixed. After requesting a morning appt., they showed up at 4 PM, but he replaced the ice maker with a new one, so here's hoping it will work.
We saw the Jiggleman yesterday, which the kids LOVED, and then had the end of Art and Sports camp with a final show by Scott. He did an alter call of sorts, and Emily and a few friends went to pray. She's given her heart to Jesus at every vacation Bible school she's ever gone to, and always sincerely meant it, but this time, she really seems to have EMBRACED it. Maybe we've hit that nebulous "age of accountability" but she finally seems to KNOW that she is saved.
Go Scott! Go GOD!
Tonight she has a friend over. Presley's Aunt has had a recurrence of cancer and ao P's up there visiting her Aunt, but her daughter stayed behind with her dad due to some summer activities. Presley's hubby called today to see if she could come over for the day while he went to work, and she ended up staying the night. She's very helpful, so it's nice to have her around.
Speaking of lists though, I am sure "go to bed at a decent hour" is on there somewhere, so I'm off to bed. I PROMISE pictures tomorrow!
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Randi Sue said...

I love crossing things off my list.

That is wonderful about Emily!

chewhi said...

looking forward to the pictures!