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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

That kind of day

It was one of those days...

Sari was grumpy from the get go. She climbed into my lap and just sobbed, "hold me." BUT simultaneously she wanted me to make her breakfast, but then when I said "no eggs", she refused to weigh in on whether she wanted oatmeal or cereal...and the day went on from there.

Mimi wasn't feeling well when she woke up.

The boys were themselves.

And I was still recovering from not being well the past few days.

SO. So we did a lot of reading this morning. Me reading to them, not them reading to me. I read our Bible story from Leading Little Ones to God. I read about Christianity, or the lack there of, in Spain from Windows on the World. I read about Germany from a library book. And I read them the beginning of the stories about Martin Luther from Hero Tales. It wasn't the most exciting of homeschool days, but it fit the mood. Oh, and I don't know why it took me this long, but I have figured out how to get school done with a currently moody 3 year old...Nick Jr. I have a TV in my bedroom, and yesterday it dawned on me that I could actually USE it and let Sari watch Dora and company while we do our "work". It has made for a much easier 2 days. It's not my brightest moment as a mom, but it gets things done. Oh, and the grumpy girl suddenly morphed into happy singing girl.

Because of the way the girls were feeling earlier, I had made other plans for the kids during therapy, but oddly enough when faced with sitting in Daddy's office for 2 hours, or going to Marie's house, Mimi suddenly felt MUCH better. So out went the Daddy's office plans, which turned out to be good since I went to my car and found a screw sticking out of my half-flat front tire. ARG!
SO I managed to drive to get lunch (we were TOTALLY out of food) and then get the kids to Marie's and me to therapy without the tire giving out. Therapy did not go long...mostly because I had a different therapist and he didn't really DO anything, so I went by Tires Plus on the way home. And waited 40 minutes without them even getting to my car despite the fact that there was only one other person having work done there. So I had to leave, screw still in the tire, to get my kids from Marie so she could run P & B home.
I went from there to Presley's to help her figure out a quilt thing, and then home for 20 minutes before (I thought) leaving again to go to my Godson's preschool "graduation". But alas, my husband got stuck at a client's and I had to take Scott to Boy Scouts...or at least half way to Boy Scouts...and my husband met me there, inflated my tire some, and took Scott the rest of the way. But we had already missed graduation, so the other kids and I went to Bealls to look for Crocs for the little ones. Sari got her heart set on the ones they call "Mammoth" because they are faux fur lined-cute, soft, but TOTALLY impractical in Florida (WHY are they even stocking them right now???), so I told her "No" and all heck broke loose. She started crying then, and didn't really stop again until we got home over an hour later...and during that hour we checked out at Bealls and went shopping at Publix so we would have food to eat tomorrow.
I'm sorry, did I say she was crying? I meant SCREAMING. Yes. I'm serious. NO, I'm not exaggerating. I thought they might ask me to leave Publix. She finally stopped after the lady at the deli counter stuffed her full of cheese, ham, chicken, and more cheese. But then we'd shop for 5 minutes, I'd tell her "No" about something else, and she'd break into hysterics again.
AH, 3 year olds...gotta love 'em.

So it was that kind of day. Lest you think I'm complaining, I want to be clear that I know how blessed I am..I'm just trying to keep it real. Some days are good...some days you wish you couldgo back to bed and just pull up the covers and ignore the world. Today was closer to the latter than the former.

I AM blessed to have 4 children...there were many years I wasn't sure God would even bless us with one.
I AM blessed that my 3 year old has been and ANGEL most of her life. It makes the bad behavior even harder to deal with sometimes, but I know this is a phase and NOT her true personality.
I'm blessed that when I run out of food it's because I haven't been shopping and not because I can't afford food (at least right now...if gas keeps going that could change).
I'm blessed that my kids sometimes don't feel well, but none of them are chronically ill.
I'm blessed to have a husband who has a job that pays our bills and provides for our needs, and if it sometimes encroaches on MY plans, well that's the trade-off for relative financial security that some people don't have.
I'm blessed to have friends who invest in my children's lives, and whose children we invest in too, and while I'm disappointed to have missed the graduation, that 30 minutes ceremony is nothing compared to a lifetime of memories from the time our families spend together.
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Melissa said...

I love the realness of your blog. Hope that today is a better day.

Tiffany said...

I hope your day is better today--woohoo for NickJr. If it keeps her happy then go for it!
I'm sorry you missed graduation, but that's just how it is sometimes. You are right though--there will be many, many more memories.

Leisa said...

We are blessed that you are our friend. Hope your day goes better today.

Anonymous said...

I will praying that today will be a better day. There are some days that I sooo miss Nick Jr for Lorelai. Some days it is hard keeping a three year old entertained when having to do everything else.

Steph Clunn, moderator said...

Awwww. loved this post. we DO live blessed lives don't we? I just read that children under three should watch no more than three hours of tv per WEEK.
Whoops. I lose. Even at number FOUR that TV still helps tremendously. Don't you think that homeschooling must make up for it? We are surely not turning out TV addcits, for goodness sake. I just discovered whatever channel has Peep and Church on the morning..(43 I think?) and I am BLESSED to know it is there! Lol