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Sunday, November 30, 2014

One Year Ago

One year ago today, we headed out, much, much later than planned, for our new home in NC.  Because of our late start, we spent the night on road in a hotel about an hour and a half away from our new home.  That was okay, because we didn't even have a key to get in (although it turns out the door was unlocked) and would have had to unload the truck at 2AM just to have something to sleep on...possibly in a cold house because we didn't know if the heat was running since no one was living there.  That was a wonderful decision, and we awoke refreshed on December 1st ready to begin our adventure-even if it was below freezing outside.
We took a one year rental because I thought our house would surely sell in a year, right?  Not so much.  Combine a still recovering economy with a very quirky old house that was built in the 1880s and you get a ton of showings, and even 3 contracts, but nothing that has made it through to the final purchase stage.  They all seem shocked to learn at inspection that it is indeed an old house, LOL.  We updated it a TON as needed while we lived there, but there will always be more to do, and there is no escaping the fact that the kitchen was a porch that was enclosed and measures 7'x 33' wall to wall (part of the length is the laundry area).  When you put cabinets into the 7' you are left with about 2 1/2 feet of space to walk in.  It's a galley kitchen to be sure.  So we are waiting on God to bring the perfect buyer, and have extended our rental by 6 months.  This is what we call home now:

We were blessed to have found this house.  You'd cringe if you saw the wallpaper inside.  It's stuck in the 80s to be sure.  But it meets our needs, and gives us a roof over our heads, and most importantly, we have been able to afford it and an still carry the FL house.  That is a testimony to God's faithfulness for sure!
For all our FL friends, we miss you to pieces. And we miss the theme parks too.  But we love it here.  And as I look at this week coming up and it's full of a birthday party (Sari's friend) and a Christmas party (Mimi and TJ) and the Hub's work Christmas party, I think we are finally starting to be "plugged in".  I'm so thankful for that.
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1 comment:

Sonya Caskey said...

1 year. Wow! So thankful that you are making it home there: even if we miss you here. Praying that God will bring those buyers "right on down" for the Price is Right.

God is faithful!