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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful Day 26

I'm thankful for 3 things today.  That's allowed, right...I mean, it is the day before Thanksgiving.  Today, I'm thankful for:
      1) having some of my Thanksgiving cooking done already.  I'm on my own this year since all our family is on FL and none of them came to visit, so I have the mashed potatoes, the sweet potatoes, and the cranberry sauce already made and will just need to reheat them.  I also (don't judge) bought the pumpkin pie.  Trader Joe's has awesome frozen pumpkin pie and an even more awesome pumpkin caramel sauce that you can put on top of it that makes it out of this world yummy.  Since my kitchen is small (5x5) and my fridge is tiny, and my oven is a single oven, and I have no microwave, anything I can do ahead or compromise on and buy makes the meal that much more do-able.
    2)  finding the most awesome recipe for mashed potatoes and getting and embellishing my m-i-l's cranberry relish so that it is seriously good (like my 9 year old was eating it tonight out of the pot good).  I'm thankful for that because usually I "wing it" and I really want to have recipes written down for duplicatable results not just for me, but to hand down to my kids someday.  I've found a winner with the potatoes for sure, and mostly the cranberries (if only I measured how many raspberries I added instead of just dumping what seemed right).
     3) Lastly, I'm thankful for a nice chat with my sister tonight that didn't involve me having to beg her for a favor.  So often, she is my "go-to girl" for anything concerning our FL house, and my phone calls involve asking her if she would mind swinging by there for this or that.  But today I managed to catch her at a good moment just to chat.  It was nice :-).

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