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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Three Things Thursday- on Saturday, because I never know what day it is

1) It's November 1st, and I've got so much to be thankful for...I'd love to blog everyday about my blessings, so I'm setting that as a goal.  We will see how that goes ;-).  I'll start with this- We are at a church that has different levels of "commitment"- serving, life groups, and then core groups, or small accountability groups.  Yesterday I joined a core group.  For my FL CCOTL friends, it's kind of like Salt and Light, except we S.O.A.P. through different books of the bible, and we all do the same chapters.  Two of the ladies in my core group are in my life group too, so I already knew them, making the work a little easier for this introvert ;-).  So core group-that's my first thing I'm thankful for.

2)  My poor kids, I started this blog with the intent of chronicling our live, but we get so busy LIVING them that I never do.  So, TJ played soccer this fall.  His team had 30 kids on it, and they just broke those kids up into 2 teams to play 11v11 games each week.  I love watching him play, but I'm also glad at the end of the season to have my Saturday mornings back, as his games were at 9:15.

3)  I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I love that it lets me lurk into others lives and keep up with them without requiring a lot of energy-an introvert's dream.  But I hate the way people expect you to know all about their lives because they posted it to FB.  I don't live on FB, and I miss things all the time.  People just assume you know because they posted about it on FB, but FB changes every second, and if you aren't there that second to read it, poof! it's gone.  I mean, I know it's still there, but how am I to know I need to go to your wall to read something earth shattering that happened to you last night while I slept?  Anyhow...I guess my point is too often we left FB do the job of disseminating information that really would have required a personal phone call or letter or something even a decade ago.  But I digress.  My #3 has to do with something I read on FB.  It was a post about being a "Highly Sensitive Parent".  It linked to this blog.  That post isn't the one the FB post linked to, but another on the same thread.  But I thought, "Hey, that's me."  I LOVE my children...but they overwhelm me.  I can't handle their noise.  I can't handle the chaos.  It physically and mentally makes me tired.  I have to take quiet time every day.  My own little time out after lunch because my cup is overflowing.  I've heard and experienced all I can, and I need time to decompress.  We resume after about an hour, and I feel much better.  Like all things in life, I'm not sure having a name for it changes anything, but I do find solace in the fact that I am not alone.  That there are others out there like me who love their kiddos but need a break from them to be able to love them some more later.  So that's me, the highly sensitive parent.

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Heidi Strawser said...

Great list this week! Thanks so much for linking up. Sounds like you've adjusting quite well to life in your new state.