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Friday, November 21, 2014

Thankful Day 21

I'm thankful for our co-op.  Wow, those are words I wasn't sure I'd ever say.  I'm such a rebel, and being part of a co-op means giving up control of my schedule and taming my wild-hair self to the routine of someone else's school plans.  But really, this has been such a blessing to us.  First, Sari's, just wow.  Amazing ladies.  I could never be like them, even when I grow up.  For my FL friends, one is like Steph K and the other like Tracy Lee, and they both are amazing, and they love my little girl, and she's doing great despite this newly developed super-intense separation anxiety.
And my TJ?  He's found a friend.  His friend's sweet mamma is not quite sure how to take me and my tendency to just say whatever I'm thinking and to not have nearly the social filter that the rest of polite society has, but she is really trying for the boys' sakes to make it work, and I admire her for that..I am, I know, and acquired taste.
Mimi has made a friend or two as well, and they even like anime, so that's a huge bonus.  She took a fabulous acrylics class this semester, and a health class based on Lifepaks that she LOVED because she loved the teachers, so that was a huge win too.
Anyway, the co-op had they end-of-semester family night last night, and it was really, really impressive, and I thought, "I love this."  I especially loved seeing all my little 2 year olds all around the room.  They would see me and smile shyly.  They melt my heart.  I think I may just have to ask to work with them again in the spring.
So tonight, I'm thankful for our co-op and for all the volunteers who work so hard to make it run like a well oiled machine every week.
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