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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thankful Day 4

Remember yesterday's post about the offer on the house?  Well today I'm thankful for our church family right before we moved from FL.  We were only at that church about a year, but in that year they were such a blessing to us.  Such a balm to my soul.  Such a beautiful example of the church in Acts truly doing life together, and holding each other accountable in a loving way.  I love them all.

The most recent offer on the house gave me a reason to have to contact my former pastor's wife (to get a phone number which it turns out was actually in my cell phone's contact list the whole time) and we had a nice chat.

Then I needed to make a difficult call.  A wonderful sister in Christ had asked to have the piano that we had not been able to move from FL.  It's still sitting in our FL house.  I truly was beyond happy to be able to tell her YES, you may have it, I'd love for you to have it!  But then she wasn't able to get it out of the house.  It's big, and heavy, and she's a single mom with very, very limited means.  She appealed for help, but no one (or two or ten guys) was able...and so the piano just sat there in our house.

Well the people who made the offer?  They want the piano.  And the pool table.  And a few other things.  But the piano was the issue, since I had already promised that to my friend.  So I needed to call her.  And my friend, she could not be more gracious.  She saw God's hand in it all.  Oh course, she said, if they want the piano, let them have the piano.  That must have been the reason I could never muster the help I needed to get it out of there...God had a different plan.  Her faith is so beautiful to me.  She really, really has a "hard luck" story.  But never has she wavered in her faith, and always has God provided for her.  Not always when she thought...or what she thought.  But always what she needed, and sometimes in crazy abundance.  I've been blessed to know her, and all that church family.  Rarely do you make bonds so deep in such a short comes only from living the way God commands and truly caring for each other head of your own needs or wants.

We came there broken and needy.  God knew that, and used them to restore our faith, not in Him, because that hadn't wavered, but in His people.  So SNL (as they were known when we went there), the church that gained national notoriety for their "Scumbags Welcome" billboards- that's who I'm thankful for today.

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