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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Thankful Day 16

I'm thankful for our church.  We are currently working through Nehemiah, and I thought Sam, our "Associate Campus Pastor" did such a good job.  We are blessed to have really great teachers as pastors, but beyond that, they are really great people.  Our "Lead Pastor" is in our life group (what we call our small groups) and we've loved getting to know him and his family.  I can't sing the praises of our youth leader enough.  I love her.  She is full of energy, and on fire for the Lord, and just so COOL.  You can't help but like her.  And the kids all know she really cares about them.  She even will attend their events like swim meets, etc.  So I'm thankful for our church because they are pointing people to Jesus in a genuine way.
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