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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful Day 27

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Today, I woke up totally sick.  My throat was raw, my nose was runny, and I felt awful.  I was SO thankful that I had pre-made so much of our meal.  Here are some other things I'm thankful for:

1)  My good china.  I love our china, and we didn't use it for a long, long time because our kids were young.  But we have started using it for special dinners, and today the two youngest asked for it specifically.  I love that.

2)  Thanksgiving dinner turned out awesome.  Like really, really good.  I'm a great baker.  I'm a good cook if I'm following a recipe.  But today, this dinner?  It was really good.  Everyone loved it.  The kids really liked the dressing.  They were wondering why it was better than usual.  I told them they didn't want to know.  Mimi thought the strange blackish things might be mushrooms.  I told her she didn't want to know.  Giblets.  They add great taste, but really, you don't want to know.  It's good that they had completely finished off the dressing before they found out.

3)  I got to chat with all my family today.  I love that.  I miss them, and it is always nice to catch up. 

4)  Mimi and I went "Black Friday" shopping.  But it's not really Black Friday is it's on Thursday.  She was a HUGE help since I'm not feeling great, and we had lots of great quality time together.  I'm really, really proud of her and the young woman she's become.  One department store we went in was SUCH a mess, and she went along and cleaned everything up as we walked.  She said the poor people who had to work on Thanksgiving in that craziness were working hard enough, and the mess wasn't their fault, so it was the least she could do to help out.  I love her.  We also talked about the inappropriateness of so much of the clothing out there for her age group (WOW, some of those shorts are short!) and a laugh about a lot of the clothes in general.  We are both fans of the Pinterest board about the imaginary toddler, and our shopping trip through one store led us to begin dreaming of a spin off board where we dress our own imaginary toddler via the clothes found in a department store.  That led us to discuss these dresses:

Really, the blue ones are very pretty, but I said something along the lines of, "Look, you can dress so that you and your imaginary toddler match.  They are even the same length."  To which Mimi replied, "That's not exactly true."  And I said, "You are right, the toddler dress is a little bit longer."  Lots of giggling commenced, and I just might have needed a Depends drawn the attention of all the other shoppers who clearly weren't having as much fun as we were.  I'm so thankful for my girl and her company and her help and how we can laugh together.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  If you are reading this, the final thing I am thankful for today is YOU.

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Julie said...

Glad you had a great day in spite of waking up sick!