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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thankful Day 22

I'm thankful for our homeschool group in NC.  I'm not a big "joiner" because I'm such an introvert, yet I recognize that they only way to meet up with like-minded people is to put yourself in places where they are, and with this move, that meant joining a local homeschool group.  I have to admit it's nice to be just a member, and not be any part of the leadership process ;-).  But more than that, it really is nice to be part of a group and to be slowly be surely making friends.  Today was my park day-the one I am responsible for as my "what I do for the group" sort of thing, and so even though it was only 40 something, we went and sat and chatted, and had a nice time, and that's something I had completely stopped doing in FL because my older kids were, well, older, and their days have to count for more, and so my littlest lost out.  So today I'm thankful for this group of Christian folks who send me emails and teach me to crochet and share my love of Publix (2 others have recently moved from FL too) and just generally have been a blessing to me.
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