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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thankful Day 8

I know this is going to sound terribly shallow to some of you, but today I'm thankful for Publix.

When we moved here, I was excited to have Kroger nearby again.  But our closest Kroger is an old store and horribly, horribly organized.  They just reorganized and made it worse instead of better.  I've been shopping as the keeper of a home for a few decades now.  I'm not new to this.  But that store?  AWFUL.  It takes me FOREVER to find anything.  And Harris Teeter is slightly better organized (although they keep the bottled water on the wine aisle, and I don't think it's a Jesus thing), but way higher priced.
So ever since the day we moved here and found out that there was a Publix under construction about 15 minutes away, I have been waiting...and waiting...and waiting.  Well, last week they opened, and yesterday my baby girl and I went.  They have been SOOO busy since they opened.  Even at 3:30 the parking lot was full.  But I got a rotisserie chicken, and spinach dip, and buffalo chicken dip, and BOGO cereal and miracle whip, and White Mountain bread, and some Santa's White Christmas Yogurt because, well, I just couldn't pass THAT up.  And all I really went for was milk.  And the spinach dip to take to a neighbor's party last night.  So today, I'm eating well, and I'm thankful that Publix is in town-even if I did drive past FIVE (seriously, five) other grocery stores to get there.
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