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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


My friend Ann has all girls, and I constantly tell her how different life is when you add the boy factor in to it. Well, about a month ago, she posted a list of things heard in a house of girls, so I have been meaning to counter that with the boy equivalent. Here's the first installment, prompted by a real conversation that happened today...

Things only heard in a house with boys:

1) "Hey Sari, do you smell that?" "Yes" says sweet Sari. "I farted", says TJ. "EEOOWWW!" say the rest of us. (And said episode then prompted sweet Sari to start making a "fart" noise with her lips and say, "I fahh-ed" and then giggle. And before you get in an uproar, we really don't say fart in this house, it's usually "putt-putt" but boys go for novelty and shock value.)

2) "Mommy, take a picture of me kissing the lizard."

3) "Please stop with the battle noises and finish on the potty. You've been in there 30 minutes."

4) The above is usually followed by, "Mommy, my butt is sore." Really? Go figure!

More to come as inspiration strikes.

I wouldn't trade my boys OR girls for the world, but they are definitely different creatures, and praise God for that.
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Clunn Family said...

Completely gross. Thank you Lord, for girls!