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Friday, September 7, 2007

SPA DAY!!!!!

First, let me say it was GREAT, but also a little weird, as they do everything for you, like bring you drinks and then carry those drinks from room to room for you-that NEVER happens at home, LOL. Lunch appeared magically set on a table with real linens and was cleared without me moving a muscle. Oh, and I got to choose what I wanted to eat, and I DIDN"T HAVE TO MAKE IT!!! Even if that was all they offered, the day would have been worth it ;-).

The BEST thing by far was the body wrap, as you can tell from my very happy face.

The facial was fun too, and Ryan (what are the chances of meeting another girl named Ryan beyond the one we know?) was great. SOOOO friendly and easy to talk to, but also so respectful of when I just wanted to be quiet and enjoy the relaxing touch of someone who wanted NOTHING from me...another thing that never happens at home.

My toes have NEVER looked so pretty and clean (and yes, I do wash them myself, but I don't have the whole whirlpool tub/3 different creams/heat/massage thing happening at home-I have the stand-on-one-foot-like-a-stork and scrub as hard as you can without tipping over thing instead).

Here's the finished product with my two new best friends (the ladies who did my treatments). My hair has seen better days, but then there is always a price for beauty (YES, that is totally tongue-in-cheek about the beauty part, although the people at J. Scott's tried their hardest, they were limited by the client they had to work with :-)

Me and my friend Scott, whose salon ROCKS. Everyone should visit him at J. Scott's 352-787-SPAA.
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EC said...

You look so pretty! Your skin is just glowing! :) I'm glad you had so much fun...I think that the body wrap thing would be my favorite too.

Clunn Family said...

Yay for you! I know Scott enjoyed showing his place off to you too! Now I know what to ask for my birthday though I am afraid massage would HAVE to be a part of it! Lol Looking forward to your massage if I can ever shake this thing. :(

Elizabeth said...

Amy looks like you really enjoyed yourself. So happy you could take some time out for you.